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XkbLookupKeyBinding(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		   XkbLookupKeyBinding(3)

       XkbLookupKeyBinding - Find the string bound to a key by XRebindKeySym

       int  XkbLookupKeyBinding  (Display  *dpy,  KeySym  sym, unsigned int state, char *buf, int
	      nbytes, int *extra_rtrn);

       - dpy  connection to server

       - sym  connection to server

       - state
	      state for which string is to be looked up

       - buf  buffer into which returned string is written

       - nbytes
	      size of buffer in bytes

       - extra_rtrn
	      backfilled with number bytes overflow

       XkbLookupKeyBinding is the equivalent of the core XLookupString function.

       XRebindKeysym binds an ASCII string to a specified keysym, so that the string  and  keysym
       are returned when the key is pressed and a specified list of modifiers are also being held
       down.  XkbLookupKeyBinding returns in buf the string associated with the  keysym  sym  and
       modifier  state	state.	buf  is NULL terminated unless there's an overflow. If the string
       returned is larger than nbytes, a count of bytes that does not  fit  into  the  buffer  is
       returned  in  extra_rtrn.   XkbTranslateKeySym  returns the number of bytes that it placed
       into buf.

       XkbTranslateKeySym(3), XLookupString(3), XRebindKeysym(3)

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		   XkbLookupKeyBinding(3)
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