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TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3)

       TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job - A single testing job.

       Version 3.28

	   use TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job;

       Represents a single test 'job'.

   Class Methods

	   my $job = TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job->new(
	       $filename, $description

       Given the filename and description of a test as scalars, returns a new
       TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job object.

   Instance Methods


       Register a closure to be called when this job is destroyed. The callback will be passed
       the "TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job" object as it's only argument.



       Called when a job is complete to unlock it. If a callback has been registered with
       "on_finish", it calls it. Otherwise, it does nothing.


       These are all "getters" which return the data set for these attributes during object





       For backwards compatibility in callbacks.



       Returns false indicating that this is a real job rather than a 'spinner'. Spinners are
       returned when the scheduler still has pending jobs but can't (because of locking) return
       one right now.

perl v5.16.3				    2013-05-02		   TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3)
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