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CentOS 7.0 - man page for certmaster-getcert (centos section 1)

certmonger(1)						      General Commands Manual						     certmonger(1)

certmaster-getcert request [options] certmaster-getcert resubmit [options] certmaster-getcert start-tracking [options] certmaster-getcert stop-tracking [options] certmaster-getcert list [options] certmaster-getcert list-cas [options]
The certmaster-getcert tool issues requests to a org.fedorahosted.certmonger service on behalf of the invoking user. It can ask the ser- vice to begin enrollment, optionally generating a key pair to use, it can ask the service to begin monitoring a certificate in a specified location for expiration, and optionally to refresh it when expiration nears, it can list the set of certificates that the service is already monitoring, or it can list the set of CAs that the service is capable of using. If no command is given as the first command-line argument, ipa-getcert will print short usage information for each of its functions. The certmaster-getcert tool behaves identically to the generic getcert tool when it is used with the -c certmaster option.
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certmonger(8) getcert-list(1) getcert-list-cas(1) getcert-request(1) getcert-resubmit(1) getcert-start-tracking(1) getcert-stop-tracking(1) certmonger-certmaster-submit(8) certmonger-ipa-submit(8) certmonger_selinux(8) certmonger Manual 23 November 2009 certmonger(1)
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