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ipsec_klipsdebug(5) [centos man page]

IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(5)						  [FIXME: manual]					       IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(5)

ipsec_klipsdebug - list KLIPS (kernel IPSEC support) debug features and level SYNOPSIS
ipsec klipsdebug cat/proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug DESCRIPTION
/proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug lists flags that control various parts of the debugging output of KLIPS and MAST, two of the IPsec stacks supported by Libreswan. At this point it is a read-only file. A table entry consists of: + a KLIPS debug variable + a '=' separator for visual and automated parsing between the variable name and its current value + hexadecimal bitmap of variable's flags. The variable names roughly describe the scope of the debugging variable. Currently, no flags are documented or individually accessible yet except tunnel-xmit. The variable names are: tunnel tunnelling code netlink userspace communication code (obsolete) xform transform selection and manipulation code eroute eroute table manipulation code spi SA table manipulation code radij radij tree manipulation code esp encryptions transforms code ah authentication transforms code rcv receive code ipcomp ip compression transforms code verbose give even more information, beware this will probably trample the 4k kernel printk buffer giving inaccurate output All KLIPS debug output appears as messages to syslogd(8). Most systems are set up to log these messages to /var/log/messages. EXAMPLES
debug_tunnel=00000010. debug_netlink=00000000. debug_xform=00000000. debug_eroute=00000000. debug_spi=00000000. debug_radij=00000000. debug_esp=00000000. debug_ah=00000000. debug_rcv=00000000. debug_pfkey=ffffffff. means that one tunnel flag has been set (tunnel-xmit), full pfkey sockets debugging has been set and everything else is not set. FILES
/proc/net/ipsec_klipsdebug, /usr/local/bin/ipsec SEE ALSO
ipsec(8), ipsec_manual(8), ipsec_tncfg(8), ipsec_eroute(8), ipsec_spi(8), ipsec_spigrp(8), ipsec_klipsdebug(5), ipsec_version(5), ipsec_pf_key(5) HISTORY
Written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <> by Richard Guy Briggs. [FIXME: source] 10/06/2010 IPSEC_KLIPSDEBUG(5)

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IPSEC_PF_KEY(5) 						  [FIXME: manual]						   IPSEC_PF_KEY(5)

ipsec_pf_key - lists PF_KEY sockets registered with KLIPS SYNOPSIS
cat /proc/net/pf_key STACK
Note that pf_key is only supported on the KLIPS and MAST stacks. It is not supported on any other stack. DESCRIPTION
/proc/net/pf_key is a read-only file which lists the presently open PF_KEY sockets on the local system and their parameters. Each line lists one PF_KEY socket. A table entry consists of: + sock pointer (sock) + PID of the socket owner (pid) + flag to indicate if the socket is dead (d) + socket wait queue (sleep) + socket pointer (socket) + next socket in chain (next) + previous socket in chain (prev) + last socket error (e) + pointer to destruct routine (destruct) + is this a reused socket (r) + has this socket been zapped (z) + socket family to which this socket belongs (fa) + local port number (n) + protocol version number (p) + Receive queue bytes committed (r) + Transmit queue bytes committed (w) + option memory allocations (o) + size of send buffer in bytes (sndbf) + timestamp in seconds (stamp) + socket flags (Flags) + socket type (Type) + connection state (St) EXAMPLES
c3b8c140 3553 0 c0599818 c05997fc 0 0 0 0 1 0 15 0 2 0 0 0 65535 0.103232 00000000 00000003 01 shows that there is one pf_key socket set up that starts at c3b8c140, whose owning process has PID 3553, the socket is not dead, its wait queue is at c0599818, whose owning socket is at c05997fc, with no other sockets in the chain, no errors, no destructor, it is a reused socket which has not been zapped, from protocol family 15 (PF_KEY), local port number 0, protocol socket version 2, no memory allocated to transmit, receive or option queues, a send buffer of almost 64kB, a timestamp of 0.103232, no flags set, type 3, in state 1. FILES
/proc/net/pf_key SEE ALSO
ipsec(8), ipsec_manual(8), ipsec_eroute(5), ipsec_spi(5), ipsec_spigrp(5), ipsec_klipsdebug(5), ipsec_tncfg(8), ipsec_version(5) HISTORY
Written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <> by Richard Guy Briggs. [FIXME: source] 10/06/2010 IPSEC_PF_KEY(5)
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