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CentOS 7.0 - man page for hwloc_topology_destroy (centos section 3)

Create and Destroy Topologies(3)	      Hardware Locality (hwloc) 	     Create and Destroy Topologies(3)

Create and Destroy Topologies - Functions int hwloc_topology_init (hwloc_topology_t *topologyp) int hwloc_topology_load (hwloc_topology_t topology) void hwloc_topology_destroy (hwloc_topology_t topology) void hwloc_topology_check (hwloc_topology_t topology) Detailed Description Function Documentation void hwloc_topology_check (hwloc_topology_ttopology) Run internal checks on a topology structure. The program aborts if an inconsistency is detected in the given topology. Parameters: topology is the topology to be checked Note: This routine is only useful to developers. The input topology should have been previously loaded with hwloc_topology_load(). void hwloc_topology_destroy (hwloc_topology_ttopology) Terminate and free a topology context. Parameters: topology is the topology to be freed int hwloc_topology_init (hwloc_topology_t *topologyp) Allocate a topology context. Parameters: topologyp is assigned a pointer to the new allocated context. Returns: 0 on success, -1 on error. int hwloc_topology_load (hwloc_topology_ttopology) Build the actual topology. Build the actual topology once initialized with hwloc_topology_init() and tuned with Configure Topology Detection routines. No other routine may be called earlier using this topology context. Parameters: topology is the topology to be loaded with objects. Returns: 0 on success, -1 on error. Note: On failure, the topology is reinitialized. It should be either destroyed with hwloc_topology_destroy() or configured and loaded again. This function may be called only once per topology. See Also: Configure Topology Detection Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Hardware Locality (hwloc) from the source code. Version 1.7 Sun Apr 7 2013 Create and Destroy Topologies(3)

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