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MCVIEW(1)			      GNU Midnight Commander				MCVIEW(1)

       mcview - Internal file viewer of GNU Midnight Commander.

       mcview [-bcCdfhstVx?] file

       mcview  is  a  link to mc, the main GNU Midnight Commander executable.  Executing GNU Mid-
       night Commander under this name requests staring the internal viewer and opening the  file
       specified on the command line.

       -b     Force black and white display.

       -c     Force color mode on terminals where mcview defaults to black and white.

       -C <keyword>=<fgcolor>,<bgcolor>,<attributes>:<keyword>= ...
	      Specify  a  different color set.	See the Colors section in mc(1) for more informa-

       -d     Disable mouse support.

       -f     Display the compiled-in search paths for Midnight Commander files.

       -t     Used only if the code was compiled with S-Lang and terminfo: it makes the  Midnight
	      Commander  use  the  value  of  the  TERMCAP  variable for the terminal information
	      instead of the information on the system wide terminal database

       -V     Displays the version of the program.

       -x     Forces xterm mode.  Used when running on xterm-capable terminals (two screen modes,
	      and able to send mouse escape sequences).

       The default colors may be changed by appending to the MC_COLOR_TABLE environment variable.
       Foreground and background colors pairs may be specified for example with:



	      The help file for the program.


	      The default system-wide setup for GNU Midnight Commander, used only if  the  user's
	      own ~/.config/mc/ini file is missing.


	      Global  settings	for  the  Midnight  Commander.	 Settings in this file affect all
	      users, whether they have ~/.config/mc/ini or not.


	      User's own setup.  If this file is present, the setup is loaded from  here  instead
	      of the system-wide startup file.

       This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
       by the Free Software Foundation.  See the built-in help	of  the  Midnight  Commander  for
       details on the License and the lack of warranty.

       The latest version of this program can be found at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mc/.

       mc(1), mcedit(1)

       Bugs should be reported to mc-devel@gnome.org

MC Version 4.8.7			     May 2012					MCVIEW(1)
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