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CentOS 7.0 - man page for hwloc_linux_parse_cpumap_file (centos section 3)

Linux-only helpers(3)			      Hardware Locality (hwloc) 			Linux-only helpers(3)

Linux-only helpers - Functions int hwloc_linux_parse_cpumap_file (FILE *file, hwloc_cpuset_t set) int hwloc_linux_set_tid_cpubind (hwloc_topology_t topology, pid_t tid, hwloc_const_cpuset_t set) int hwloc_linux_get_tid_cpubind (hwloc_topology_t topology, pid_t tid, hwloc_cpuset_t set) Detailed Description This includes helpers for manipulating linux kernel cpumap files, and hwloc equivalents of the Linux sched_setaffinity and sched_getaffinity system calls. Function Documentation int hwloc_linux_get_tid_cpubind (hwloc_topology_ttopology, pid_ttid, hwloc_cpuset_tset) Get the current binding of thread tid. The behavior is exactly the same as the Linux sched_getaffinity system call, but uses a hwloc cpuset. int hwloc_linux_parse_cpumap_file (FILE *file, hwloc_cpuset_tset) Convert a linux kernel cpumap file file into hwloc CPU set. Might be used when reading CPU set from sysfs attributes such as topology and caches for processors, or local_cpus for devices. int hwloc_linux_set_tid_cpubind (hwloc_topology_ttopology, pid_ttid, hwloc_const_cpuset_tset) Bind a thread tid on cpus given in cpuset set. The behavior is exactly the same as the Linux sched_setaffinity system call, but uses a hwloc cpuset. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Hardware Locality (hwloc) from the source code. Version 1.7 Sun Apr 7 2013 Linux-only helpers(3)

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