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XtSetWMColormapWindows(3)		   XT FUNCTIONS 		XtSetWMColormapWindows(3)

       XtSetWMColormapWindows - Set the value of the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property

       void XtSetWMColormapWindows(Widget widget, Widget* list, Cardinal count);

       widget	 Specifies the widget on whose window the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property will be
		 stored. Must be of class Core or any subclass thereof.

       list	 Specifies a list of widgets whose windows are are potentially to be listed in
		 the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property.

       count	 Specifies the number of widgets in list.

       XtSetWMColormapWindows returns immediately if widget is not realized or if count is zero.
       Otherwise, XtSetWMColormapWindows constructs an ordered list of windows by examining each
       widget in list in turn and ignoring the widget if it is not realized, or adding the wid-
       get's window to the window list if the widget is realized and its colormap resource is
       different from the colormap resources of all widgets whose windows are already on the win-
       dow list.

       Finally, XtSetWMColormapWindows stores the resulting window list in the WM_COLORMAP_WIN-
       DOWS property on the specified widget's window.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.1.4			XtSetWMColormapWindows(3)
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