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FcFileScan(3)									    FcFileScan(3)

       FcFileScan - scan a font file

       #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcBool FcFileScan (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, FcFileCache *cache, FcBlanks *blanks, const FcChar8 *file, FcBool force);

       Scans a single file and adds all fonts found to set.  If force is FcTrue, then the file is
       scanned even if associated information is found in cache. If file is a  directory,  it  is
       added to dirs. Whether fonts are found depends on fontconfig policy as well as the current
       configuration. Internally, fontconfig will ignore BDF and PCF fonts which are not in  Uni-
       code  (or the effectively equivalent ISO Latin-1) encoding as those are not usable by Uni-
       code-based applications. The configuration can ignore fonts based on filename or  contents
       of the font file itself. Returns FcFalse if any of the fonts cannot be added (due to allo-
       cation failure). Otherwise returns FcTrue.

       Fontconfig version 2.10.95

					    31 8 2013				    FcFileScan(3)

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