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scmp_sys_resolver(1)		     libseccomp Documentation		     scmp_sys_resolver(1)

       scmp_sys_resolver - Resolve system calls

       scmp_sys_resolver [-h] [-a ARCH ] [-t] SYSCALL_NAME | SYSCALL_NUMBER

       This  command resolves both system call names and numbers with respect to the given archi-
       tecture supplied in the optional ARCH argument.	If the architecture is	not  supplied  on
       the  command line then the native architecture is used.	If the "-t" argument is specified
       along with a system call name, then the system call will be translated  as  necessary  for
       the given architecture.	The "-t" argument has no effect if a system call number is speci-

       In some combinations of architecture and system call, a negative system call  number  will
       be displayed.  A negative system call number indicates that the system call is not defined
       for the given architecture and is treated in a special manner by libseccomp  depending  on
       the operation.

       -a ARCH
	      The  architecture  to  use  for  resolving  the system call.  Valid ARCH values are
	      "x86", "x86_64", "x32", and "arm".

       -t     If neccessary, translate the system call name to the  proper  system  call  number,
	      even if the system call name is different, e.g. socket(2) on x86.

       -h     A simple one-line usage display.

       Returns zero on success, errno values on failure.

       The  libseccomp project site, with more information and the source code repository, can be
       found at http://libseccomp.sf.net.  This tool, as well as the libseccomp library, is  cur-
       rently  under  development,  please report any bugs at the project site or directly to the

       Paul Moore <paul@paul-moore.com>

paul@paul-moore.com			   23 May 2013			     scmp_sys_resolver(1)
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