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HTTXT2DBM(1)				    httxt2dbm				     HTTXT2DBM(1)

       httxt2dbm - Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap

       httxt2dbm [ -v ] [ -f DBM_TYPE ] -i SOURCE_TXT -o OUTPUT_DBM

       httxt2dbm  is  used  to generate dbm files from text input, for use in RewriteMap with the
       dbm map type.

       If the output file already exists, it will not be truncated. New keys will  be  added  and
       existing keys will be updated.

       -v     More verbose output

       -f DBM_TYPE
	      Specify  the DBM type to be used for the output. If not specified, will use the APR
	      Default. Available types are: GDBM for GDBM files, SDBM  for  SDBM  files,  DB  for
	      berkeley DB files, NDBM for NDBM files, default for the default DBM type.

       -i SOURCE_TXT
	      Input  file  from  which the dbm is to be created. The file should be formated with
	      one record per line, of the form: key value. See the documentation  for  RewriteMap
	      for further details of this file's format and meaning.

       -o OUTPUT_DBM
	      Name of the output dbm files.

	     httxt2dbm -i rewritemap.txt -o rewritemap.dbm
	     httxt2dbm -f SDBM -i rewritemap.txt -o rewritemap.dbm

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