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Date::Manip::Changes5(3)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 Date::Manip::Changes5(3)

       Date::Manip::Changes5 - changes in Date::Manip 5.xx

       This describes the changes made to the Date::Manip module in the 5.xx series of releases.
       Major changes are marked with asterisks (*).

       For the most part, Date::Manip has remained backward compatible at every release, but
       occasionally, a change is made which is backward incompatible. These are marked with an
       exclamation mark (!).

       As of December 2012, Version 5 of Date::Manip will no longer be modified.  It is expected
       that version 5.64 will be the final release.

       The one exception is that if someone submits a patch that applies cleanly and causes zero
       failures in the test suite, I will consider adding it on a case-by-cast bases.

       Please use Date::Manip 6.xx instead.

VERSION 5.64 (Released with 6.32)
       Better handling of '0000' timezone
	   Applied a patch supplied by Ed Avis that improves handling of the '0000' timezone..

VERSION 5.63 (Released with 6.26)
       Fixed business mode calculation
	   Applied a patch that I received some time ago to fix a business mode calculation.
	   Steve Tempest

VERSION 5.62 (Released with 6.21)
       No changes

VERSION 5.61 (Released with 6.20)
       No changes

VERSION 5.60 (Released with 6.14)
       Fully integrated with 6.xx
	   As of Date::Manip 6.14, the 5.xx release is fully integrated into the distribution.
	   Both will be installed automatically and you can switch between them (if you have a
	   recent version of perl). This simplifies the package management process considerably.
	   The downside is that Date::Manip 6.xx will be installed, even if you do not have a
	   recent version of perl and cannot use it.

VERSION 5.59 (Released with 6.12)
       Test fixes
	   Fix tests to work better on windows.

VERSION 5.58 (Released with 6.11)
       Test fixes
	   Fixed a bug in some of the tests that were causing two tests to fail.  JD

	   Explicitly set TZ in all tests to avoid some failures (it got left out of a few when
	   it was bundled with 6.10).

VERSION 5.57 (Released with 6.10)
       (*) Combined 5.xx and 6.xx
	   As of 6.10, Date-Manip-6.xx will contain both the Date::Manip 5.xx and 6.xx modules.
	   If perl 5.10 or higher is available, the 6.xx version will be installed. For older
	   versions of perl, the 5.xx version will be installed.

	   This will allow all of the automatic module tools to work correctly.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where years earlier than 1000 AD failed in calculations.  John

       Time zone fixes
	   Improved time zone detection.  Stepan Kasal

       Documentation fixes
	   Minor improvements.	Josef Kreulich

VERSION 5.56 (2010-02-24)
       Bug fixes
	   Date_PrevWorkDay and documentation fix.  RT #17005

	   I accidentally included a require 5.10 which made Date::Manip not work with earlier
	   versions of perl.  Nicholas Riley

VERSION 5.55 (2010-02-22)
       (*) Added time zone abbreviations
	   Date::Manip 5.xx now includes all of the time zone abbreviations from version 6.xx
	   (i.e. all of the abbreviations from the Olsen database).

       Documentation fixes
	   Typo fix.  ddascalescu

VERSION 5.54 (2008-05-09)

       Bug fixes
	   Fix so it won't fail with "Too early to specify a build action"

       CPANTS changes
	   Final changes to meet requirements on http://cpants.perl.org/

VERSION 5.52 (2008-05-08)

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed bug where the wrong version was in Build.PL

       CPANTS changes
	   Additional changes to meet requirements on http://cpants.perl.org/

VERSION 5.50 (2008-05-05)

       New features
	   Added "ereyesterday".  Ed Avis

       Time zone fixes
	   Added time zones.  Damyan Ivanov, Ernesto Hernandez-Novich, Gregor Herrmann, Nicholas
	   Riley, Enrique Verdes, Alexander Litvinov

       Documentation fixes
	   Corrected typo in %G and %L format descriptions.  Troy A. Bollinger

       CPANTS changes
	   Added Build.PL and several other things to meet requirements on

VERSION 5.48 (2007-11-27)

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed the version number.  John R. Daily

	   Fixed a warning when the date command not present.  Daniel Hahler

	   Fixed a bug where recurrences of the form 0:1*, 0:0:1*, etc., incorrectly required a
	   base date.  Gerry Lawrence

	   Fixed a bug where "substring" was used instead of "substr".

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed a problem in the WEST time zone.  Cristina Nunes

	   Added time zone.  Kimmo R. M. Hovi

       Documentation fixes
	   Revised some of the documentation about Y2K (given that it's in the past) and the 2007
	   US daylight saving time rule changes.

VERSION 5.46 (2007-02-21)

       New features
	   Added "overmorrow".	Ed Avis

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed bug in parsing ISO 8601 dates.  Paul Schinder

	   Fixed a bug in UnixDate for years before 1000 AD.  Joaquin Ferrero

	   Fixed a bug where "today" wasn't case insensitive.  Pedro Rodrigues

	   Fixed a bug where business/approximate mode wasn't correctly used in DateCalc.  Mark
	   T. Kennedy

	   Bug in DateCalc where you couldn't pass undef as the errref.  Alex Howansky

	   Bug where cygwin wasn't using the date command.  Rafael Kitover

       Time zone fixes
	   New time zones.  Khairil Yusof, Andy Spiegel, Ernesto Rapetti

	   New time zones.  Robin Norwood

	   Fixed Russian time zones.  Yuri Kovalenko

       Language fixes
	   Language fix for Danish.  Claus Rasmussen

	   Language fix for German.  Andreas Dembach

       Documentation fixes
	   Minor documentation improvement.  Caminati Carlo

	   Lots of spelling fixes.  Asaf Bartov

VERSION 5.44 (2005-06-02)

       (!) (*) Recurrences revisited
	   The behavior of some elements of recurrences changed. These included making the week
	   element (N) refer to the Nth occurrence of a day of the week in the week, month, or
	   year. It is now possible to look at the 3rd Friday of every month for example.

	   Y-0-WOY-DOW now refers to the WOY'th occurence of DOW instead of the ISO 8601 date
	   Y-W(WOY)-DOY. Also, changed Y-0-WOY-0 to refer to the WOY'th occurence of FirstDay,
	   and got rid of the MW and MD flags. Many other similar changes.

       (!) Changed %x format in UnixDate
	   The %x format used to be equivalent to %D (%m/%d/%y), but it has been modified to use
	   the DateFormat config variable, so it may return %d/%m/%y if a non-US DateFormat is

       New features
	   Added TodayIsMidnight.  Reuben Thomas

	   Added "approx" mode to Delta_Format and reversed change to default Delta_Format
	   behavior to the one from version 5.40.  Based on discussion with Adam Spiers.

	   Added %O UnixDate format.  Martin Thurn

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug is ParseRecur where values passed in were no overriding old values in the
	   recurrence.	Scott Barker (reported to the Debian bugs list).

	   Fix for a potential problem in the "0000" time zone.  Ed Avis

	   Changed taint check to be the one in persec(1).  Max Kalika

	   Minor fix so DateInit("VAR=") will work.  Thomas Bohme

	   Fixed a bug where business mode was kept operative even after the calculation was
	   over.  Emiliano Bruni

	   Minor change to run under cygwin.  Niel Markwick

	   Minor VMS fix.  Martin P.J. Zinser

	   Small fix to taint checking.  David Worenklein

	   Fixed a problem where deltas were getting misinterpreted as dates.
	    Harry Zhu

	   Fixed a bug in ParseRecur where "last day of every March" couldn't be done.	Andras

	   Fixed a bug in business mode calculations.  Tracy L Sanders

	   Sorted all events and dates returned by Events_List.  This fixes problems with tests
	   on some versions of perl.  Tulan

	   Modified %x UnixDate format to use DateFormat config variable.  Matt Lyons

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed a problem with single character military time zones (T and W) conflicting with
	   ISO 8601 T and W dates.  Hugo Cornelis

	   Small correction to Brazil time zones.  John McDonald

	   Added time zones.  Michael Wood-Vasey, Don Robertson, Michael D. Setzer II, Andres

       Language fixes
	   Fixed German translations.  Oliver Scheit

	   Minor corrections to Italian.  Nicola Pedrozzi

	   Added the language Catalan.	Xavi Drudis

       Documentation fixes
	   Minor doc fixes  Reuben Thomas, Ed Avis, Thomas Winzig

	   Clarified documentation on %W/%G/%U/%L formats.  Joel Savignon

VERSION 5.42a 2003-07-03
       Test fixes
	   A quick fix to replace a faulty test.

VERSION 5.42 (2003-07-02)
	   Number changed to distinguish between the development release (5.41) and the official

       As of 5.41, odd numbered releases are development (and appear only on my page). Even
       number releases are official releases submitted to CPAN.

       (!) Changed path separator for VMS
	   Since ":" is used in some VMS paths, it should not have been used as the path
	   separator.  It has been changed to a newline ("\n") character.

       (!) Delta_Format behavior changed
	   The entire delta is exact if no month component is present (previously, no year or
	   month component could be present).  Due to discussion with Tim Turner.

       Bug fixes
	   Small patch for OpenVMS.  Martin P.J. Zinser

	   Minor enhancement to ParseRecur.  Randy Harmon

	   Fixed a bug involving business deltas with negative hours.  Ludovic Dubost

	   Added some support for NetWare.  Chris Shields

	   Applied some robustness patches.  Ed Avis

	   Fixed a bug with years <1000.  Jonathan Callahan

	   Patch to make Manip.pm -Mstrict clean and better VMS support.  Peter Prymmer

	   Fixed a bug in "1st Saturday of 2005" format.  Maurice Aubrey

	   Taint check insecure $ENV{PATH} fix.  Ed Avis

	   Patch to allow deltas of the form "+ -1 day" to work.  Ed Avis

	   Removed ampersands from function calls in documentation to fit new perl coding
	   standards.  Bill Pollock

	   Fixed a bug where spaces in a date caused problems in German (due to the number 1st,
	   2nd, etc. being 1., 2., etc.).  Erik Roderwald

       Time zone fixes
	   Minor bug fix where /etc/time zone not correctly read.  Jacek Nowacki

	   Made the UnixDate %Z format work with numeric time zones.  Michael Isard

	   Fixed bug where -HH:MM and +HH:MM were not being accepted as valid time zones.  Hank

	   Fixed a bug where time zones -HH:MM weren't handled in ISO 8601 dates.  Ed Avis

	   Added some help for VMS time zones.	Don Slutz

	   Added some checking to the time zone determination.	Ed Avis

	   Added time zones.  David Coppit, Daniel Serodio, Fabian Mandelbaum, Raul Dias, Pedro
	   Melo CUNHA, Roman Y Malakhov, David Whiting, Khaled Mostaguir, Jason King

       Language fixes
	   (*) Replaced all non-ASCII characters with hex representations to avoid the malformed
	   UTF-8 character warnings. Ed Avis

	   Added Russian translation.  Dapi

	   Additions to Dutch translation.  Willem

	   Patch to French support.  Patrick Turmel

	   Added Tues/Thur abbreviations. Martin Thurn

	   Added Turkish. Giray

	   Added Danish.  Jesper Dalberg
	      A patch for Danish was send by Jorgen Norgaard previously, and
	      I somehow overlooked it. I apologize for that.

       Test fixes
	   Added runtests.bat contributed by Lon Amick

       Documentation fixes
	   Minor doc fix.  Jeremy Tietsort

	   Fixed spelling of Veteran's day.  Dirk Eddelbuettel

	   Documentation improvements.	James Olsen

VERSION 5.40 (2001-06-07)
       New features
	   Added support for negative values is "epoch SECS" type dates.  Larry Warner

	   Added NWD/PWD/DWD flags to ParseRecur.  Peter Wyngaard

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a warning.  Edward Avis

	   Fixed a bug where the date wasn't rolling over when parsing dates containing only
	   times.  James L. Gordon

	   Fixed a bug where some times were defaulting to the current time instead of 00:00:00.
	   Edward Avis

	   Fixed a bug in Date_NthDayOfYear with decimal days.	Olga Polyakov

	   Fixed a bug where ParseDateDelta returned a delta if nothing was passed in.	Jim

	   Fixed a bug where noon was case sensitive.  Bion Pohl

	   Fixed a bug where dateTtime wasn't parsed.  Jeremy Brinkley

	   Fixed a bug in holiday parsing involving recurrences.  Jerry Wilcox

	   Fixed a bug where an invalid date passed to Date_IsWorkDay produced an error message.
	   Mark Rejhon

	   Fixed a bug where EraseHolidays wasn't taking affect correctly.  Chateauvieux Martial

	   Fixed a bug where the list produced by Date_Init couldn't be passed back in to
	   Date_Init.  James Elson

       Time zone fixes
	   Added `date +%Z` support in Date_TimeZone.  Mike Bristow

	   Fixed a warning if the time zone is supplied as a +HHMM format.  Viola Mauro

	   Fixed South African time zone.  David Sieborger

       Documentation fixes
	   Added an example.  Philip Jones

VERSION 5.39 (2000-06-27)
       Bug fixes
	   `date` uses the user's path unless taint checking is on.

	   @::DatePath used instead of @Date::Manip::DatePath incorrectly.  Fixed by John

	   Fixed a bug where times such as "5 seconds ago" were not changing over time.  Matthew
	   R. Sheahan

       Time zone fixes
	   Added /etc/time zone support to &Date_TimeZone.  Dirk Eddelbuettel

	   Added time zones. Dirk Eddelbuettel, Eli Selinger

VERSION 5.38 (2000-05-23)
       (*) Added Events
	   Added Events section to config file and Events_List routine.  Prompted by Greg
	   Schiedler and paid for by Alan Cezar.

       (!) Removed Date_DaysSince999
	   The Date_DaysSince999 function (deprecated in 5.35) has been removed.

       New features
	   Added support for ISO8601 dates of the format dateTtime.  Jason Pierce

	   Got rid of the "use Cwd" and ENV{PATH} lines which means no more taint problems.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed "dofw" format to return the day of the current week as documented instead of
	   next week.  Dennis Ingram

	   Fixed a bug where dates in years 1900, 1800, etc. (but not 2000 or other 400th years)
	   were off by one day in DayOfWeek.  Noble Thomas

	   Fixed a bug in ParseRecur (2-digit years not treated correctly).  Brian Rectanus

       Time zone fixes
	   Added time zones.  Nelson Ferreira, David Harper

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed some typos.  Thanks to Alex Kapranoff

	   Typo fixed.	Jim Hranicky

VERSION 5.37 (2000-02-14)
       Bug fixes
	   Set ENV{PATH} to help with taint checking.  Joe Lipson

	   Fixed a serious bug where HH:24:00 was broken due to support from 24:00:00.	Scott

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed the sign on the military time zones.  John Scott

VERSION 5.36 (2000-01-21)
       New features
	   Added support for 24:00:00 to ParseDate.  William H Asquith

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug in ParseRecur. Lewis Tsao

	   Fixed a bug is UnixDate (%l format).  Jon Hedley

	   Fixed a bug in Date_GetNext/Prev.  Christoph Haas

	   Fixed a bug in Date_IsHoliday.  Report and patch by Rolf Beutner

	   Fixed a bug in UnixDate.  Patch by Kurtis D. Rader

	   Rewrote IsInt routine based on discussion with Sean Hunter (approximately 30% faster
	   on a SPARC).

       Time zone fixes
	   Added time zone.  Paul Arzul

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed a documentation problem with Date_ConvTZ.  Diab Jerius

VERSION 5.35 (1999-07-06)
       (!) Deprecated Date_DaysSince999
	   In fixing support for the years 0001-0999, I rewrote Date_DaysSince999 to be
	   Date_DaysSince1BC.  The Date_DaysSince999 function will be removed.

       (*) (!) Added PathSep variable
	   In order to better support Win32 platforms, I added the PathSep config variable.  This
	   will allow the use of paths such as "c:\date" on Win32 platforms.  Old config files on
	   Win32 platforms (which were not working correctly in many cases) may not work if they
	   contain path information to the personal config file.

       (*) Recurrences now support flags
	   Flags for modifying recurrence dates are now supported.

       (*) Improved holiday support considerably
	   Added support for recurrences and one-year-only holidays (the latter requested first
	   by Vishal Bhatia.

       (*) Date_Init improved
	   Date_Init can now return a list of config variables if called in array context.  Based
	   on a suggestion by Matt Tuttle.

       New features
	   Modified Date_GetPrev/Date_GetNext to take $curr=2.

	   Now parses the Apache log file format "dd/mmm/yyyy:hh:mm:ss (time zone)".  Mark

	   Added OS/2 support.	Michael B. Babakov

	   Added Date_IsHoliday routine.  Joe Pepin

	   Added recurrence support for Easter (first suggested by Abigail).

       Bug fixes
	   Made "epoch" not case sensitive and fixed a bug where it would fail in some languages.
	   Caught because of Iosif's thorough Romanian test file.

	   Fixed a problem where "in 5 days/weeks/months" sometimes wouldn't get correctly parsed
	   in other languages.	Caught because of Iosif's thorough Romanian test file.

	   Fixed a weakness in ParseDateDelta brought out by the Romanian delta test file.

	   Fixed a bug causing warnings in the beta version of perl.  Patch by Paul Johnson.

	   Fixed support for years 0000-0999.  Requested by Chris Vaughan

	   Several recurrence bug fixes.

	   Put all the my'ed global variables in a couple hashes to clean up the namespace and to
	   make a few future enhancements easier to do.

	   Fixed a bug where business weeks weren't being used correctly.  Qian Miao

	   Fixed a serious typo in the DaysSince1BC routine.  Qian Miao

	   Fixed Veteran's day, added Good Friday (off by default).  Peter Chen

	   Cleaned up holiday variables and re-did holiday routines.

       Time zone fixes
	   Added time zones.  Oded Cohen

       Language fixes
	   Added Romanian support (including 2 test files).  Iosif Fettich

	   Corrected Swedish translations.  Danne Solli

	   Some fixes to German translations.  Peter Ehrenberg

	   Added Italian.  Nicola Pedrozzi

       Test fixes
	   Added recurrence test suite

       Documentation fixes
	   Several documentation updates.

	   New recurrence documentation.

VERSION 5.34 (1999-04-13)
       (!) (*) All Date::Manip variables are no longer accessible
	   Previously, Date::Manip variables were declared using a full package name.  Now, they
	   are declared with the my() function.  This means that internal variables are no longer
	   accessible outside of the module.  Based on suggestion by Tom Christiansen

       (!) Week interpretation in business mode deltas
	   A business mode delta containing a week value used to be treated as 7 days.	A much
	   more likely interpretation of a week is Monday to Monday, regardless of holidays, so
	   this is now the behavior.

       (!) %z UnixDate format
	   The %z UnixDate format used to return the time zone abbreviation.  It now returns it
	   as a GMT offset (i.e. -0500).  %Z still returns the time zone abbreviation.	Suggested
	   by Tuc.

       (!) Formats "22nd Sunday" returns the intuitive value
	   The date "22nd Sunday" used to return the Sunday of the 22nd week of the year (which
	   could be the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd Sunday of the year depending on how weeks were
	   defined).  Now, it returns the 22nd Sunday of the year regardless.

       (!) Separator in DD/YYmmm and mmmDD/YY formats no longer optional
	   Previously, the date "Dec1065" would return Dec 10, 1965.  After adding the YYYYmmm
	   and mmmYYYY formats, this was no longer possible.  The separator between DD and YY is
	   no longer optional, so

	      Dec1065	  returns December 1, 1065
	      Dec10/65	  returns December 10, 1965

       (*) Date_Cmp added
	   In one of the next versions of Date::Manip, the internal format of the date will
	   change to include time zone information.  All date comparisons should be made using
	   Date_Cmp (which currently does nothing more than call the Perl "cmp" command, but
	   which will important when comparing dates that include the time zone).

	   Added now in response to a question by Al Sorrell (I should have added it earlier).

       New features
	   Added exact business mode.  Ian Duplisse

	   Added "mmmYYYY" and "YYYYmmm" formats.  As a result, "DDYYmmm" and "mmmDDYY" formats
	   changed to "DD/YYmmm" and "mmmDD/YY" as described above.  David Twomey

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where a date passed in as an array wasn't getting the date removed from
	   the array.  Rick Wise

	   Added tests for MPE/iX OS.  John Testa

	   Fixed a bug where WorkDayBeg=8:00 went into an infinite loop.  Mark Martinec

	   Changed a business week to be the same as an exact week.  Abigail

	   Fixed a bug where "Sunday week 0" didn't work (only affected week 0) Gerald Rinske

	   Minor bug (my variable declared twice).  Paul J. Schinder

	   Fixed a bug where "epoch SECONDS" was getting parsed wrong (for SECONDS which could be
	   interpreted as an ISO-8601 date).  N. Thomas

	   Fixed a problem where init files were not being read.  Mike Reetz

       Time zone fixes
	   At the request of the UN, I added the SAT time zone.  :-) Howard Hendler

	   Fixed a bug where time zones were converted multiple times if ConvTZ was set and
	   DateCalc called.  Steven Hartland

       Language fixes
	   Added Portuguese.  Rui Pedro da Silva Leite Pereira

       Documentation fixes
	   A number of typos fixed.  Ron Pero

VERSION 5.33 (1998-08-20)
       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where "1 month ago" was no longer working (and added it to the test
	   cases).  This broke when I fixed the "-1second" bug in the previous version.  A result
	   of this is that a number of "deltas" can be parsed as dates (i.e. &ParseDate("1 hour
	   20 minutes ago") is equivalent to &DateCalc("now","1 hour 20 minutes ago")).  Only
	   text deltas can be used in this way (i.e. &ParseDate("-0:0:0:0:1:20:0") will not

       Language fixes
	   Added Spanish support.  Bautista Jasso Javier

VERSION 5.32 (1998-08-17)
       (!) Date_Init arguments
	   The old style Date_Init arguments that were deprecated in version 5.07 have been

       (!) (*) DateManip.cnf change
	   Changed .DateManip.cnf to Manip.cnf (to get rid of problems on OS's that insist on 8.3
	   filenames) for all non-Unix platforms (Windows, VMS, Mac).  For all Unix platforms,
	   it's still .DateManip.cnf .	It will only look in the user's home directory on VMS and

       New features
	   Added "in N days" and "N days ago" formats.	Tony Bowden.

	   Added cYYYY format to YYtoYYYY variable.  Mark Rejhon.

	   Added 2 days/weeks/months later in both ParseDate and ParseDelta (for Dutch support).

	   Added "Y:M:0*-DOM:0:0:0" to ParseRecur.  Jeff Yoak.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where the deltas could be off by up to a couple minutes in some rare
	   cases.  Herman Horsten.

	   Fixed an "uninitialized symbol" warning.  Mark D. Anderson.

	   Fixed a bug where holidays weren't erased.  Jonathan Wright.

	   Applied a bug fix from Joe Chapman where the %W/%U UnixDate formats were frequently

	   Several minor fixes and improvements.  Abigail.

	   Added some VMS support.  Charles Lane.

	   Fixed a bug which caused a test to fail on some systems.  Charles Lane.

	   Fixed a bug where "-1second" was treated as a date rather than a delta in DateCalc.
	   Kenneth Ingham

	   Added a bit to the Makefile.PL (as it was distributed in the Win32 Perl Resource Kit).
	   Murray Nesbitt

       Time zone fixes
	   Allowed time zones of the format STD-#DST-#.  Peter Gordon.

	   Added time zone support for "+0500 (EST)".  Tom Christiansen.

	   Restricted time zones parsing to 0000-2359 instead of 0000-9999.  Frank Cusack

	   Added time zones.  W. Phillip Moore, Michael Smith, Samuli Karkkainen

       Language fixes
	   Added Polish support.  Ian Wojtowicz.

	   Added Dutch support.  Abigail.

	   Added A.M. and P.M. parsing (not just AM and PM).  William W. Arnold.

	   Fixed a German initialization problem.  Thomas Horster-Moller and Christian Reithmaier

       Documentation fixes
	   Documentation fix.  Peter Gordon.

	   Minor documentation changes.  Yamamoto Hiroshi.

	   Added info about the RCS problem.  Supplied by Kipp E. Howard.

VERSION 5.31 (1998-04-08)
       New features
	   Added "epoch SECS" format to ParseDateString.  Thanks to: Joshua M. Burgin.

	   Added a patch by Blair Zajac to make Date_NthDayOfYear work with decimal days.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug in ParseDateDelta (seems to appear only in 5.005 pre-releases).	Found by
	   Larry W. Virden.

	   Missed one form in ParseDate.  Noted by Tuc.

	   Fixed a bug where "15:00:00" couldn't be parsed.  Michael Pizolato.

	   Split Manip.pm.  New files are HISTORY, TODO, Manip.pod.

	   Fixed a bug in ParseDateDelta.  Antonio Rosella.

	   Removed the only occurence of $& (which may speed some things up).  Fix by Ken
	   Williams.  First suggested by Abigail.

	   Fixed an overflow bug in doing date calculations with 2 dates more than 70 years
	   apart.  Fix by Vishal Bhatia.

	   Fixed a bug where "5:00pm" wasn't always parsed correctly.  Thanks to Jim Trocki.

	   Fixed a bug in UnixDate (it wouldn't return the correct string for a format who's last
	   character was '0') noted by Ramin V.

       Time zone fixes
	   Relaxed some restrictions on time zones so ISO-8601 dates can use non-ISO-8601 time
	   zones.  Noted by John Chambers.

	   Fixed a bug in converting time zones with a minutes field (+1030).  Found by Paul O.

       Language fixes
	   Some fixes to the French translations by Emmanuel Bataille.

	   Added German support.  Thanks to Andreas C. Poszvek.

       Documentation fixes
	   Minor documentation fixes.  Will Linden.

	   Fixed a documentation problem with Date_GetPrev.  It was still 0-6 instead of 1-7.
	   Thanks to Robert Klep.

VERSION 5.30 (1998-01-21)
       (!) (*) Delta format changed
	   A week field has been added to the internal format of the delta.  It now reads
	   "Y:M:W:D:H:MN:S" instead of "Y:M:D:H:MN:S".

       (*) Now handles recurring events
	   Added ParseRecur.  First suggested by Chris Jackson.

       New features
	   All routines can now take either a 2- or 4-digit year.

	   Added Delta_Format.	First suggested by Alan Burlison.

	   Added Date_SetDateField.  Thanks to Martin Thurn.

       Bug fixes
	   Made the $err argument to DateCalc optional.

	   Changed the name of several of the library routines (not the callable ones) to
	   standardize naming.

VERSION 5.21 (1998-01-15)
       (!) Long running processes may give incorrect time zone
	   A process that runs during a time zone change (Daylight Saving Time specifically) may
	   report the wrong time zone.	See the UpdateCurrTZ variable for more information.

       (!) UnixDate "%J", "%W", and "%U" formats fixed
	   The %J, %W, and %U will no longer report a week 0 or a week 53 if it should really be
	   week 1 of the following year.  They now report the correct week number according to
	   ISO 8601.

       New features
	   Added YYtoYYYY variable.  Suggested by Michel van der List.

	   Added the UpdateCurrTZ variable to increase speed at the cost of being wrong on the
	   time zone.

	   Added British date formats.	Thanks to Piran Montford.
	      Monday week
	      today week
	      as well as some US formats
	      in 2 months
	      next month

	   Time can now be written 5pm.  Piran Montford.

	   Added the TomorrowFirst variable and Date_NearestWorkDay function.

	   Added UnixDate formats %G and %L to correctly handle the year.  Thanks to Samuli

	   Added ForceDate variable. Based on a suggestion by Christian Campbell.

       Bug fixes
	   Now passes Taint checks.  Thanks to Mike Fuhr, Ron E. Nelson, and Jason L Tibbitts

	   Put everything in a "use integer" pragma.

	   Added a missing space in the %g UnixDate format.  Thanks to Mike Booth.

	   Removed all mandatory call to Date_Init (only called when current time is required).
	   Significantly faster.

	   Fixed a bug in Date_ConvTZ.	Thanks to Patrick K Malone.

	   Fixed a bug in Date_IsWorkDay.

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed some Australian time zones.  Kim Davies.

       Language fixes
	   Cleaned up multi-lingual initialization and added the IntCharSet variable.

	   Improved French translations.  Thanks to Emmanuel Bataille.

	   Added "Sept" as a recognized abbreviation.  Thanks to Martin Thurn.

	   Typo in the French initialization.  Thanks to Michel Minsoul.

       Test fixes
	   Fixed the tests to not fail in 1998.

       Documentation fixes
	   Documented how to get around Micro$oft problem.  Based on a mail by Patrick Stepp.

VERSION 5.20 (1997-10-12)
       (*) ISO 8601 support
	   ISO 8601 dates are now parsed. This resulted in several other changes specified below.

       (!) (*) ParseDate formats removed
	   As a result of ISO 8601 support, some formats which previously worked may no longer be
	   parsed since they conflict with an ISO 8601 format.	These include MM-DD-YY (conflicts
	   with YY-MM-DD) and YYMMDD (conflicts with YYYYMM).  MM/DD/YY still works, so the first
	   form can be kept easily by changing "-" to "/".  YYMMDD can be changed to YY-MM-DD
	   before being parsed.  Whenever parsing dates using dashes as separators, they will be
	   treated as ISO 8601 dates.  You can get around this by converting all dashes to

       (!) (*) Week day numbering
	   The day numbering was changed from 0-6 (Sun-Sat) to 1-7 (Mon-Sun) to be ISO 8601
	   compatible.	Weeks start on Monday (though this can be overridden using the FirstDay
	   config variable) and the 1st week of the year contains Jan 4 (though it can be forced
	   to contain Jan 1 with the Jan1Week1 config variable).

       New features
	   Several new parsing formats added, including:
	      "Friday"		   suggested by Rob Perelman
	      "12th"		   suggested by Rob Perelman
	      "last day of MONTH"  suggested by Chadd Westhoff

	   Added ParseDateString for speed (and simplicity for modifying ParseDate)

	   Added %J and %K formats to UnixDate.

	   Added Date_DaysInMonth.

       Bug fixes
	   Reorganized ParseDate more efficiently.

	   Fixed some incorrect uses of $in instead of $future in ParseDate.  Thanks to Erik

	   Added some speedups (more to come).

       Test fixes
	   Cleaned up testing mechanism a bit and added tests for ISO 8601 formats.

VERSION 5.11 (1997-08-07)
       Version 5.11 was never released to CPAN.

       Bug fixes
	   Added one more check for NT perl.  Thanks to Rodney Haywood.

	   Added some comments to help me keep my personal libraries up-to-date with respect to
	   Date::Manip and vice-versa.

	   Fixed a bug which showed up in French dates (though it could happen in other languages
	   as well).  Thanks to Georges Martin.

	   Fixed a bug in DateCalc.  Thanks to Thomas Winzig.

	   Removed the "eval" statement from CheckFilePath which causes a suid c wrapper program
	   to die when it calls a Date::Manip script.  Thanks to Hank Hughes.

	   Fixed a bug in business mode calculations.  Thanks to Sterling Swartwout.

	   Fixed a bug in which "1997023100:00:00" was accepted as valid.  Thanks to Doug

	   Fixed a bug in which ConvTZ was not used correctly in ParseDate.  Re-did portions of
	   Date_ConvTZ.  Thanks to Vivek Khera.

	   Fixed a bug in business mode calculations.  Thanks to Ian Duplisse.

	   Added $^X check for Win95 perl.  Thanks to Walter Soldierer.

	   Missed one call to NormalizeDelta so the output was wrong.  Thanks to Brad A. Buikema.

       Time zone fixes
	   Added time zones.  Paul Gillingwater, Rosella Antonio, Kang Taewook

VERSION 5.10 (1997-03-19)
       Bug fixes
	   Cleaned up In, At, and On regexps.

	   Added 2 checks for MSWin32 (date command and getpw* didn't work).  Thanks to Alan

	   Fixed two bugs in the DateCalc routines.  Pointed out by Kevin Baker.

	   Added a check for Windows_95.  Thanks to Charlie W.

	   Cleaned up checks for MacOS and Microsoft OS's.  Hopefully I'm catching everything.
	   Thanks to Charlie Wu for one more check.

	   Fixed a typo which broke Time%Date (Date=dd%mmm%yy) format.	Thanks to Timothy

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed some problems with how "US/Eastern" type time zones were used.  Thanks to Marvin

       Test fixes
	   Tests will now run regardless of the time zone you are in.

	   Test will always read the DateManip.cnf file in t/ now.

	   A failed test will now give slightly more information.

	   DateManip.cnf file in t/ now sets ALL options to override any changes made in the
	   Manip.pm file.

       Documentation fixes
	   Added documentation for backwards incompatibilities to POD.

	   Fixed some problems in POD documentation.  Thanks to Marvin Solomon.

	   Fixed minor POD error pointed out by John Perkins.

	   Changed documentation for Date_IsWorkDay (it was quite confusing using a variable
	   named $time).  Thanks to Erik M. Schwartz.

	   Fixed typo in documentation (midnight misspelled).  Thanks to Timothy Kimball.

VERSION 5.09 (1997-01-28)
       Bug fixes
	   Upgraded to 5.003_23 and fixed one problem associated with it.

	   Used carp and changed all die's to confess.

	   Replaced some UNIX commands with perl equivalents (date with localtime in the tests,
	   pwd with cwd in the path routines).

	   Cleaned up all routines working with the path.

       Test fixes
	   Tests work again (broke in 5.08).  Thanks to Alex Lewin and Michael Fuhr for running
	   debugging tests.

VERSION 5.08 (1997-01-24)
       Bug fixes
	   (*) Fixed serious bug in ConvTZ pointed out by David Hall.

	   (*) Modified Date_ConvTZ (and documented it).

VERSION 5.07p2	1997-01-03
       Released two patches for 5.07.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where a delta component of "-0" would mess things up.  Reported by Nigel

       Time zone fixes
	   (*) Can now understand PST8PDT type zones (but only in Date_TimeZone).

	   Added lots of time zone abbreviations.

       Test fixes
	   Fixed some tests (good for another year).

VERSION 5.07 (1996-12-10)
       (!) UnixDate "%s" format
	   Used to return the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 in the current time zone.  It now
	   returns the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 GMT.  The "%o" format was added which
	   returns what "%s" previously did.

       (!) (*) Internal format of delta
	   The format for the deltas returned by ParseDateDelta changed.  Previously, each
	   element of a delta had a sign attached to it (+1:+2:+3:+4:+5:+6).  The new format
	   removes all unnecessary signs by default (+1:2:3:4:5:6).  Also, because of the way
	   deltas are normalized (see documentation on ParseDateDelta), at most two signs are
	   included.  For backwards compatibility, the config variable DeltaSigns was added.  If
	   set to 1, all deltas include all 6 signs.

       (!) (*) Date_Init arguments
	   The format of the Date_Init calling arguments changed.  The old method


	   is still supported , but this support will likely disappear in the future.  Use the
	   new calling format instead:


	   NOTE:  The old format is no longer supported as of version 5.32 .

       (*) Added weeks to ParseDateDelta.
	   Suggested by Mike Bassman.  Note that since this is a late addition, I did not change
	   the internal format of a delta.  Instead, it is added to the days field.

       (*) Now reads a config file.
	   Refer to the Date_Init documentation for details.

       (*) Added business mode.
	   See documentation.  Suggested by Mike Bassman.

       New features
	   (*) Modified how deltas are normalized and added the DeltaSigns config variable.

	   Added %q format "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS" to UnixDate.  Requested by Rob Perelman.  Also added
	   %P format "YYYYMMDDHH:MM:SS".

	   Added a new config variable to allow you to work with multiple internal formats (with
	   and without colons).  Requested by Rob Perelman.  See Date_Init documentation.

	   Added the following formats suggested by Andreas Johansson:
	      Sunday week 22 [in 1996] [at 12:00]
	      22nd Sunday [in 1996] [at 12:00]
	      Sunday 22nd week [in 1996] [at 12:00]

	   Added a new config variable to allow you to define the first day of the week.  See
	   Date_Init documentation.

	   Added the following formats to ParseDate for convenience (some were suggested by Mike
	      next/last Friday [at time]
	      next/last week [at time]
	      in 2 weeks [at time]
	      2 weeks ago [at time]
	      Friday in 2 weeks
	      in 2 weeks on Friday
	      Friday 2 weeks ago
	      2 weeks ago Friday

	   Added Date_SecsSince1970GMT, moved the %s format to %o (secs since 1/1/70) and added
	   %s format (secs since 1/1/70 GMT).  Based on suggestions by Mark Osbourne.  Note this
	   introduces a minor backward incompatibility described above.

	   Date_SetTime now works with international time separators.

	   Added the %g format (%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z) for an RFC 1123 date.  Suggested by Are

	   Added options to delete existing holidays and ignore global config file.

	   Date_GetNext and Date_GetPrev now return the next/prev occurence of a time as well as
	   a day.  Suggested by Are Bryne.

	   In approximate mode, deltas now come out completely normalized (only 1 sign).
	   Suggested by Rob Perelman.

	   Added Date::Manip::InitDone so initialization isn't duplicated.

	   Added a 3rd internal format to store YYYY-MM-DD HH:MN:SS (iso 8601).

	   Added a config variable to allow you to work with 24 hour business days.  Suggested by
	   Mike Bassman.

	   ParseDateDelta now returns "" rather than "+0:0:0:0:0:0" when there is an error.

       Bug fixes
	   (*) The d:h:mn:s of ALL deltas are normalized.

	   Huge number of code changes to clean things up.

	   Subroutines now check to see if 4 digit years are entered.  Suggested by Are Bryne.

	   Added local($_) to all routines which use $_.  Suggested by Rob Perelman.

	   Complete rewrite of DateCalc.

	   Fixed a bug where UnixDate %E format didn't work with single digit dates.  Patch
	   supplied by Jyrgen Nyrgaard.

	   Fixed a bug where "today" was not converted to the correct time zone.

       Time zone fixes
	   Fixed bug in Date_TimeZone where it didn't recognize +HHMN type time zones.	Thanks to
	   Are Bryne.

	   Added WindowsNT check to Date_TimeZone to get around NT's weird date command.  Thanks
	   to Are Bryne.

	   Fixed typo (CSD instead of CST).

	   Fixed sign in military time zones making Date::Manip RFC 1123 compliant (except that
	   time zone information is not stored in any format)

       Test fixes
	   (*) Added test suite!

VERSION 5.06 (1996-10-25)
       New features
	   Added "today at time" formats.

	   ParseDateDelta now normalizes the delta as well as DateCalc.

	   Added %Q format "YYYYMMDD" to UnixDate.  Requested by Rob Perelman.

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed another two places where a variable was declared twice using my (thanks to Ric

	   Fixed a bug where fractional seconds weren't parsed correctly.

	   Fixed a bug where "noon" and other special times were not parsed in the "which day of
	   month" formats.

	   Fixed a minor bug where a few matches were case sensitive.

	   The command "date +%Z" doesn't work on SunOS machines (and perhaps others) so 5.05 is
	   effectively broken.	5.06 released to fix this.  Reported by Rob Perelman.

VERSION 5.05 (1996-10-11)
       New features
	   Changed deltas to be all positive or all negative when produced by DateCalc.
	   Suggested by Steve Braun

	   Added DateManipVersion routine.

	   (*) Parses RFC 822 dates (thanks to J.B. Nicholson-Owens for suggestion).

	   Parses ctime() date formats (suggested by Matthew R. Sheahan).

	   Now supports times like "noon" and "midnight".

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed bug introduced in 5.04 when default day set to 1.  When no date given, have day
	   default to today rather than 1.  It only defaults to one if a partial date is given.

	   Fixed bug where Date_DaysSince999 returned the wrong value (the error did not affect
	   any other functions in Date::Manip due to the way it was called and the nature of the
	   error).  Pointed out by Jason Baker

	   Dates with commas in them are now read properly.

	   Fixed two places where a variable was declared twice using my (thanks to Ric

	   Hopefully fixed installation problems.

	   Got rid of the last (I think) couple of US specific strings.

	   Fixed bug in Date_SetTime (didn't work with $hr,$min,$sec < 10).

	   Added ModuloAddition routine and simplified DateCalc.

       Time zone fixes
	   (*) Now supports time zones.

	   (*) Added Date_ConvTZ routine for time zone support.

	   Date_TimeZone will now also check `date '+%Z'` suggested by Aharon Schkolnik.

       Language fixes
	   Added Swedish translation (thanks to Andreas Johansson

	   The time separators are now language specific so the French can write "10h30" and the
	   Swedes can write "10.30".  Suggested by Andreas Johansson.

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed bad mistake in documentation (use Date::Manip instead of use DateManip) pointed
	   out by tuc@valhalla.stormking.com

	   Minor improvements to documentation.

	   Documented the 'sort within a sort' bug.

	   Fixed type in documentation/README pointed out by James K. Bence.

VERSION 5.04 (1996-08-01)
       New features
	   Added support for fractional seconds (as generated by Sybase).  They are parsed and
	   ignored.  Added by Kurt Stephens

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed bugs reported by J.B. Nicholson-Owens
	      "Tue Jun 25 1996" wasn't parsed correctly (regexp was case
	      full day names not parsed correctly
	      the default day in ErrorCheck should be 1, NOT currd since when
	      currd>28, it may not be a valid date for the month

VERSION 5.03 (1996-07-17)
       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a couple of bugs in UnixDate.

	   Declared package variables to avoid warning "Identifier XXX used only once".  Thanks
	   to Peter Bray for the suggestion.

VERSION 5.02 (1996-07-15)
       New features
	   (*) Added some internationalization (most of the routines had to be modified at least

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug where repeated calls to ParseDate("today") was not reset

	   Replaced the %Date::Manip::Date variable with a large number of other, more flexible

	   Rewrote the Init routine

VERSION 5.01 (1996-06-24)
       New features
	   Added %F format to UnixDate. Rob Perelman

	   Added "Date at Time" types

	   Weekdays can be entered and checked

	   Two digit years fall in the range CurrYear-89 to CurrYear+10

       Bug fixes
	   Reworked a number of the ParseDate regular expressions to make them more flexible

       Documentation fixes
	   Fixed a typo (Friday misspelled Fridat). Rob Perelman

	   Documentation problem for \$err in DateCalc. Rob Perelman

VERSION 5.00 (1996-06-21)
       (*) Switched to a package.
	   Patch supplied by Peter Bray:
	      renamed to Date::Manip
	      changed version number to 2 decimal places
	      added POD documentation

	   Thanks to Peter Bray, Randal Schwartz, Andreas Koenig for suggestions

       Bug fixes
	   Fixed a bug pointed out by Peter Bray where it was complaining of an uninitialized

VERSION 4.3 (1995-10-26)
       New features
	   Added "which dofw in mmm" formats to ParseDate.  Mark Dedlow

       Bug fixes
	   Added a bugfix of Adam Nevins where "12:xx pm" used to be parsed "24:xx:00".

VERSION 4.2 (1995-10-23)
       New features
	   UnixDate will now return a scalar or list depending on context

	   ParseDate/ParseDateDelta will now take a scalar, a reference to a scalar, or a
	   reference to an array

	   (*) Simple time zone handling

	   (*) Added Date_SetTime, Date_GetPrev, Date_GetNext

       Bug fixes
	   Added copyright notice (requested by Tim Bunce)

VERSION 4.1 (1995-10-18)
       New features
	   (*) Added DateCalc

       Bug fixes
	   Changed %DATE_ to %DateManip::Date

	   (*) Rewrote ParseDateDelta

VERSION 4.0 (1995-08-13)
       (*) First public release

       New features
	   Added time first formats to ParseDate

       Bug fixes
	   (*) Switched to perl 5

	   Cleaned up ParseDate, ParseDateDelta

VERSION 3.0 (1995-05-03)
       New features
	   Added today/tomorrows/etc. formats

	   (*) Added UnixDate

	   (*) Added ParseDateDelta

       Bug fixes
	   Added %DATE_ global variable to clean some stuff up

	   Simplified several routines

VERSION 2.0 (1995-04-17)
       New features
	   Included ideas from Time::ParseDate (David Muir Sharnoff)

	   Included ideas from date.pl 3.2 (Terry McGonigal)

	   (*) Added seconds to ParseDate

       Bug fixes
	   Made error checking much nicer

VERSION 1.2 (1995-03-31)
       New features
	   Added a few date formats

       Bug fixes
	   Made months case insensitive

VERSION 1.1 (1995-02-08)
       New features
	   Added leap year checking

	   Both "Feb" and "February" formats available

VERSION 1.0 (1995-01-20)
       (*) Initial release
	   Though not released to the public, the initial released combined routines from several
	   scripts into one library.

       Please refer to the Date::Manip::Problems documentation for information on submitting bug
       reports or questions to the author.

       Date::Manip	  - main module documentation

       This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       Sullivan Beck (sbeck@cpan.org)

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