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CentOS 7.0 - man page for odbc_config (centos section 1)

odbc_config(1)						       UnixODBC manual pages						    odbc_config(1)

odbc_config - get compile options for compiling unixODBC client
odbc_config [--prefix] [--exec-prefix] [--include-prefix] [--lib-prefix] [--bin-prefix] [--version] [--libs] [--static-libs] [--libtool- libs] [--cflags] [--odbcversion] [--odbcini] [--odbcinstini] [--header] [--ulen]
odbc_config provides built-in options, specified at build time of the unixODBC suite, which are useful for building unixODBC clients and similar programs.
--prefix Prefix for architecture-independent file tree. --exec-prefix Prefix for architecture-dependent file tree. --include-prefix Directory with C header files for unixODBC. --lib-prefix Directory with object code (.so) libraries. --bin-prefix Location of user executables. --version unixODBC version. --libs Compiler flags for linking dynamic libraries. --static-libs Absolute file name of static unixODBC library. --libtool-libs Absolute file name of libtool unixODBC library. --cflags Compiler flags to find include files and critical compiler flags and defines used when compiling the libodbc library. --odbcversion Version of the ODBC specification used by the unixODBC. --odbcini Absolute file name of the system-wide DSN configuration file odbc.ini. --odbcinstini Absolute file name of the driver configuration file odbcinst.ini. --header Definitions of used C preprocessor constants. It is suitable to be piped into C header file. --ulen Compiler flag for defining SIZEOF_SQLULEN.
odbcinst.ini(5), odbc.ini(5)
The authors of unixODBC are Peter Harvey <> and Nick Gorham <>. For the full list of contributors see the AUTHORS file.
unixODBC is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For details about the license, see the COPYING file. version 2.3.1 Thu 13 Feb 2014 odbc_config(1)