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XtAddInput(3)			    XT COMPATIBILITY FUNCTIONS			    XtAddInput(3)

       XtAddInput, XtAddTimeOut, XtAddWorkProc - register input, timeout, and workprocs

       XtInputId XtAddInput(int source, XtPointer condition, XtInputCallbackProc proc, XtPointer

       XtIntervalId XtAddTimeOut(unsigned long interval, XtInputCallbackProc proc, XtPointer

       XtWorkProcId XtAddWorkProc(XtWorkProc proc, XtPointer client_data);

		 Specifies the argument that is to be passed to the specified procedure when
		 input is available

       condition Specifies the mask that indicates a read, write, or exception condition or some
		 operating system dependent condition.

       proc	 Specifies the procedure that is to be called when input is available.

       source	 Specifies the source file descriptor on a UNIX-based system or other operating
		 system dependent device specification.

       XtAddInput has been replaced by XtAppAddInput.

       XtAddTimeOut has been replaced by XtAppAddTimeOut.

       XtAddWorkProc has been replaced by XtAppAddWorkProc.

       XtAppAddInput(3), XtAppAddTimeOut(3), XtAppAddWorkProc(3)
       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.1.4				    XtAddInput(3)
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