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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xkbsetdebuggingflags (centos section 3)

XkbSetDebuggingFlags(3) 		  XKB FUNCTIONS 		  XkbSetDebuggingFlags(3)

       XkbSetDebuggingFlags - Change the values of any of the debug controls

       Bool  XkbSetDebuggingFlags  (Display *display, unsigned int mask, unsigned int flags, char
	      *msg, unsigned  int  ctrls_mask,	unsigned  int  ctrls,  unsigned  int  *ret_flags,
	      unsigned int *ret_ctrls);

       - display
	      connection to X server

       - mask mask selecting debug output flags to change

       - flags
	      values for debug output flags selected by mask

       - msg  message to print right now

       - ctrls_mask
	      mask selecting debug controls to change

       - ctrls
	      values for debug controls selected by ctrls_mask

       - ret_flags
	      resulting state of all debug output flags

       - ret_ctrls
	      resulting state of all debug controls

       The  debugging aids are intended for use primarily by Xkb implementors and are optional in
       any implementation.

       There are two bitmasks that may be used to control debugging.  One  bitmask  controls  the
       output  of debugging information, and the other controls behavior.  Both bitmasks are ini-
       tially all zeros.

       To change the values of any of the debug controls, use XkbSetDebuggingFlags.

       XkbSetDebuggingFlags modifies the debug output flags as specified by mask and flags, modi-
       fies  the  debug  controls  flags as specified by ctrls_mask and ctrls, prints the message
       msg, and backfills ret_flags and ret_ctrls with the resulting debug output and debug  con-
       trols flags.

       When  bits are set in the debug output masks, mask and flags, Xkb prints debug information
       corresponding to each bit at appropriate points during its processing. The device to which
       the  output  is	written  is  implementation-dependent, but is normally the same device to
       which X server error messages are directed; thus the bits that can  be  set  in	mask  and
       flags is implementation-specific. To turn on a debug output selection, set the bit for the
       output in the mask parameter and set the corresponding bit in the flags parameter. To turn
       off  event selection for an event, set the bit for the output in the mask parameter and do
       not set the corresponding bit in the flags parameter.

       When bits are set in the debug controls masks, ctrls_mask  and  ctrls,  Xkb  modifies  its
       behavior according to each controls bit.  ctrls_mask and ctrls are related in the same way
       that mask and flags are. The valid controls bits are defined in Table 1.

			   Table 1 Debug Control Masks
       Debug Control Mask   Value      Meaning
       XkbDF_DisableLocks   (1 << 0)   Disable actions that lock modifiers

       XkbSetDebuggingFlags returns True if successful and False  otherwise.  The  only  protocol
       error it may generate is BadAlloc, if for some reason it is unable to allocate storage.

       XkbSetDebuggingFlags  is  intended  for	developer use and may be disabled in production X
       servers. If it is disabled, XkbSetDebuggingFlags has no effect and does not  generate  any
       protocol errors.

       The  message in msg is written immediately. The device to which it is written is implemen-
       tation dependent but is normally the  same  device  where  X  server  error  messages  are

       True	      The XkbSetDebuggingFlags function returns True when successful.

       False	      The XkbSetDebuggingFlags function returns False when not successful.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		  XkbSetDebuggingFlags(3)

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