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ShellQuote(3)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation		    ShellQuote(3)

       String::ShellQuote - quote strings for passing through the shell

	   $string = shell_quote @list;
	   $string = shell_quote_best_effort @list;
	   $string = shell_comment_quote $string;

       This module contains some functions which are useful for quoting strings which are going
       to pass through the shell or a shell-like object.

       shell_quote [string]...
	   shell_quote quotes strings so they can be passed through the shell.	Each string is
	   quoted so that the shell will pass it along as a single argument and without further
	   interpretation.  If no strings are given an empty string is returned.

	   If any string can't be safely quoted shell_quote will croak.

       shell_quote_best_effort [string]...
	   This is like shell_quote, excpet if the string can't be safely quoted it does the best
	   it can and returns the result, instead of dying.

       shell_comment_quote [string]
	   shell_comment_quote quotes the string so that it can safely be included in a shell-
	   style comment (the current algorithm is that a sharp character is placed after any
	   newlines in the string).

	   This routine might be changed to accept multiple string arguments in the future.  I
	   haven't done this yet because I'm not sure if the strings should be joined with blanks
	   ($") or nothing ($,).  Cast your vote today!  Be sure to justify your answer.

	   $cmd = 'fuser 2>/dev/null ' . shell_quote @files;
	   @pids = split ' ', `$cmd`;

	   print CFG "# Configured by: ",
		       shell_comment_quote($ENV{LOGNAME}), "\n";

       Only Bourne shell quoting is supported.	I'd like to add other shells (particularly
       cmd.exe), but I'm not familiar with them.  It would be a big help if somebody supplied the

       Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org>


perl v5.16.3				    2010-06-11				    ShellQuote(3)
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