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Net::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentationNet::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory(3)

       Net::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory -- extensions for Novell eDirectory

	 use Net::LDAP::Extra qw(eDirectory);

	 $ldap = Net::LDAP->new( ... );


	 if ($ldap->is_eDirectory)
	   my $mesg $ldap->list_replicas($server_dn);

	   print "Replicas on $server_dn\n* " . join("\n* ", $mesg->replicas) . "\n"
	     if (!$mesg->code);

       Net::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory provides functions / LDAP extensions specific to Novell

       To do so, it provides the following methods:

       is_eDirectory ( )
	   Tell if the LDAP server queried is Novell eDirectory server.

	   As the check is done by querying the root DSE of the directory, it works without being
	   bound to the directory.

	   In contrast to other Net::LDAP methods this method returns TRUE / FALSE respectively
	   undef on error.

       list_replicas ( SERVER_DN, OPTIONS )
	   Query the the replicas on the given server SERVER_DN.

	   On success, the resulting Net::LDAP::Message object supports the method "replicas"
	   that returns the list of replicas on SERVER_DN.

       get_replica_info ( SERVER_DN, REPLICA_DN, OPTIONS )
	   Query information of REPLICA_DN on SERVER_DN.

	   On success, the resulting Net::LDAP::Message object supports the method "replica_info"
	   that returns a hash containing information on REPLICA_DN.

       trigger_backlinker ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger the BackLinker process, which resolves external references to ensure they
	   refer to real entries.

       trigger_janitor ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger the Janitor process, which checks connectivity to all servers in database.

       trigger_limber ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger the Limber process, which verifies the server name, internal ipx address and
	   tree connectivity of all replicas.

       trigger_skulker ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger the Skulker process, which checks the synchronization status of every server
	   in the replica ring.

       trigger_schemasync ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger SchemaSync.

       trigger_partitionpurge ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger PartitionPurge.

       refresh_ldap_server ( OPTIONS )
	   Trigger refreshing the NLDAP service.

       Peter Marschall <peter@adpm.de>

       Copyright (c) 2013 Peter Marschall. All rights reserved. This program is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.16.3				    2013-06-07		  Net::LDAP::Extra::eDirectory(3)
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