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PAPI_multiplex_init(3)			       PAPI			   PAPI_multiplex_init(3)

       PAPI_multiplex_init -

       Initialize multiplex support in the PAPI library.

Detailed Description
       PAPI_multiplex_init() enables and initializes multiplex support in
	  the PAPI library.
       Multiplexing allows a user to count more events than total physical
	  counters by time sharing the existing counters at some loss in
       Applications that make no use of multiplexing do not need to call
	  this routine.

       C Interface:
	   #include <papi.h>
	    int PAPI_multiplex_init (void);


	   * retval = PAPI_multiplex_init();

       Return values:
	   PAPI_OK This call always returns PAPI_OK

       See Also:


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Version 			 Tue Jun 17 2014		   PAPI_multiplex_init(3)
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