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PERF-BUILDID-CACHE(1)			   perf Manual			    PERF-BUILDID-CACHE(1)

       perf-buildid-cache - Manage build-id cache.

       perf buildid-cache <options>

       This command manages the build-id cache. It can add and remove files to/from the cache. In
       the future it should as well purge older entries, set upper limits for the space used by
       the cache, etc.

       -a, --add=
	   Add specified file to the cache.

       -r, --remove=
	   Remove specified file from the cache.

       -M, --missing=
	   List missing build ids in the cache for the specified file.

       -u, --update
	   Update specified file of the cache. It can be used to update kallsyms kernel dso to
	   vmlinux in order to support annotation.

       -v, --verbose
	   Be more verbose.

       perf-record(1), perf-report(1), perf-buildid-list(1)

perf					    06/30/2014			    PERF-BUILDID-CACHE(1)
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