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Date::Manip::TZdata(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	   Date::Manip::TZdata(3)

       Date::Manip::TZdata -- Internal module for working with the tzdata files

	  use Date::Manip::TZdata;

	  $tzd	= new Date::Manip::TZdata($dir);

       This module is not intended for public use. It is used internally by the scripts used to
       analyze the time zone database and generate the modules for each time zone. The module is
       included in the distribution solely for the sake of completeness. Currently, no support is
       offered for this module, and it can (and may) change without notice.

       This module consists of routines for working with the tzdata files obtained from
       ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/ . These files are updated several times a year and are the basis
       for time zone descriptions for most computer systems.

	      use Date::Manip::TZdata;

	      $tzd  = new Date::Manip::TZdata($dir);

	   This finds and reads in all the tzdata. If $dir is passed in, it is the directory
	   where a tzdata directory is located. It defaults to the current directory.

       Some assumptions and limitations are assumed in the logic of this module.

       When a time change occurs, the time may change backwards or forwards.  Time changes rules
       are listed on a per-year basis.	It is assumed that time changes will not occur so close
       to the end or start of the year as to cross the year boundary (in other words, the year
       will not change as a result of the time change).  This is not accounted for, and it is
       hoped that this situation will never occur.

       Also, because this module is strictly limited to 4 digit positive years (regardless of
       whether it is wallclock or universal time), and because various parts of the module switch
       back and forth, valid times for this module are from Jan 2, 0001 to Dec 30, 9999. This
       ensures that conversions from wallclock to universal or vice versa will never make dates
       occur in the year 0000 or 10000.

       None known.

       Please refer to the Date::Manip man page for information on submitting bug reports or
       questions to the author.

       Sullivan Beck (sbeck@cpan.org)

perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-09			   Date::Manip::TZdata(3)
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