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yum-changelog.conf(5) [centos man page]

YUM-CHANGELOG.CONF(5)						   File Formats 					     YUM-CHANGELOG.CONF(5)

yum-changelog.conf(5) SYNOPSIS
yum-changelog.conf(5) is the configuration file for yum-changelog(1) Yum plugin for viewing package changelogs before/after updating. By default, this plugin will show the changelogs before the updates. FILES
/etc/yum/pluginconf.d/changelog.conf FILE FORMAT
yum-changelog.conf(5) utilizes configuration options in the form of OPTION=VALUE OPTION
when This option reflects when yum-changelog(1) will allow changelog viewing during yum updates. VALUE
pre To make yum-changelog(5) show the changelog before the yum updates post To make yum-changelog(5) show the changelog after the yum updates. OPTION
always This option reflects specifies if the changelog should always be shown. VALUE
true The changelog is always displayed. false A command line option is required for the changelog to be displayed. OPTION
updateinfo This option specifies that the "changelog" from the repo. updateinfo should be shown. VALUE
true The updateinfo is displayed. false The updateinfo is never displayed. OPTION
updateinfo_always This option reflects specifies if the "changelog" from the repo. should always be shown (note that if updateinfo is false then this option has no meaning). VALUE
true The updateinfo is always displayed. false A command line option is required for the updateinfo to be displayed. AUTHOR
Chitlesh Goorah <> SEE ALSO
yum-changelog(1) 08 FEBRUARY 2007 YUM-CHANGELOG.CONF(5)

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dh_installchangelogs - install changelogs into package build directories SYNOPSIS
dh_installchangelogs [debhelperoptions] [-k] [-Xitem] [upstream] DESCRIPTION
dh_installchangelogs is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing changelogs into package build directories. An upstream changelog file may be specified as an option. If there is an upstream changelog file, it will be be installed as usr/share/doc/package/changelog in the package build directory. If the changelog is a html file (determined by file extension), it will be installed as usr/share/doc/package/changelog.html instead, and will be converted to plain text with html2text to generate usr/share/doc/package/changelog. FILES
debian/changelog debian/NEWS debian/package.changelog debian/package.NEWS Automatically installed into usr/share/doc/package/ in the package build directory. Use the package specific name if package needs a different NEWS or changelog file. The changelog file is installed with a name of changelog for native packages, and changelog.Debian for non-native packages. The NEWS file is always installed with a name of NEWS.Debian. OPTIONS
-k, --keep Keep the original name of the upstream changelog. This will be accomplished by installing the upstream changelog as changelog, and making a symlink from that to the original name of the changelog file. This can be useful if the upstream changelog has an unusual name, or if other documentation in the package refers to the changelog file. -Xitem, --exclude=item Exclude upstream changelog files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being installed. upstream Install this file as the upstream changelog. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> 8.9.0ubuntu2.1 2012-06-12 DH_INSTALLCHANGELOGS(1)
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