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XkbGetAccessXTimeout(3) 		  XKB FUNCTIONS 		  XkbGetAccessXTimeout(3)

       XkbGetAccessXTimeout - Queries the current AccessXTimeout options for a keyboard device

       Bool  XkbGetAccessXTimeout  (Display  *display,	unsigned  int device_spec, unsigned short
	      *timeout_rtrn, unsigned  int  *ctrls_mask_rtrn,  unsigned  int  *ctrls_values_rtrn,
	      unsigned short *options_mask_rtrn, unsigned short *options_values_rtrn);

       - display
	      unsigned short

       - device_spec
	      device to query, or XkbUseCoreKbd

       - timeout_rtrn
	      delay until AccessXTimeout, seconds

       - ctrls_mask_rtrn
	      backfilled with controls to modify

       - ctrls_values_rtrn
	      backfilled with on/off status for controls

       - options_mask_rtrn
	      backfilled with ax_options to modify

       - options_values_rtrn
	      backfilled with values for ax_options

       In  environments  where computers are shared, features such as SlowKeys present a problem:
       if SlowKeys is on, the keyboard can  appear  to	be  unresponsive  because  keys  are  not
       accepted until they are held for a certain period of time. To help solve this problem, Xkb
       provides an AccessXTimeout control to automatically change the enabled/disabled	state  of
       any  boolean  controls and to change the value of the AccessXKeys and AccessXFeedback con-
       trol attributes if the keyboard is idle for a specified period of time.

       When a timeout as specified by AccessXTimeout occurs and a control is  consequently  modi-
       fied, Xkb generates an XkbControlsNotify event.

       XkbGetAccessXTimeout  sends a request to the X server to obtain the current values for the
       AccessXTimeout attributes, waits for a reply, and backfills the values into the	appropri-
       ate  arguments.	The  parameters  options_mask_rtrn and options_values_rtrn are backfilled
       with the options to modify and the values for ax_options, which is a field in the  XkbCon-
       trolsRec structure.  XkbGetAccessXTimeout returns True if successful; if a compatible ver-
       sion of the Xkb extension is not available in  the  server,  XkbGetAccessXTimeout  returns

       True	      The  XkbGetAccessXTimeout returns True when it successfully sends a request
		      to the X server  to  obtain  the	current  values  for  the  AccessXTimeout
		      attributes,  waits for a reply, and backfills the values into the appropri-
		      ate arguments.

       False	      The XkbGetAccessXTimeout funtion returns False if a compatible  version  of
		      the Xkb extension is not available in the server.

       The XkbControlsRec structure is defined as follows:

       #define XkbMaxLegalKeyCode     255
       #define XkbPerKeyBitArraySize  ((XkbMaxLegalKeyCode+1)/8)

       typedef struct {
	   unsigned char   mk_dflt_btn;      /* default button for keyboard driven mouse */
	   unsigned char   num_groups;	     /* number of keyboard groups */
	   unsigned char   groups_wrap;      /* how to wrap out-of-bounds groups */
	   XkbModsRec	   internal;	     /* defines server internal modifiers */
	   XkbModsRec	   ignore_lock;      /* modifiers to ignore when checking for grab */
	   unsigned int    enabled_ctrls;    /* 1 bit => corresponding boolean control enabled */
	   unsigned short  repeat_delay;     /* ms delay until first repeat */
	   unsigned short  repeat_interval;  /* ms delay between repeats */
	   unsigned short  slow_keys_delay;  /* ms minimum time key must be down to be ok */
	   unsigned short  debounce_delay;   /* ms delay before key reactivated */
	   unsigned short  mk_delay;	     /* ms delay to second mouse motion event */
	   unsigned short  mk_interval;      /* ms delay between repeat mouse events */
	   unsigned short  mk_time_to_max;   /* # intervals until constant mouse move */
	   unsigned short  mk_max_speed;     /* multiplier for maximum mouse speed */
	   short	   mk_curve;	     /* determines mouse move curve type */
	   unsigned short  ax_options;	     /* 1 bit => Access X option enabled */
	   unsigned short  ax_timeout;	     /* seconds until Access X disabled */
	   unsigned short  axt_opts_mask;    /* 1 bit => options to reset on Access X timeout */
	   unsigned short  axt_opts_values;  /* 1 bit => turn option on, 0=> off */
	   unsigned int    axt_ctrls_mask;   /* which bits in enabled_ctrls to modify */
	   unsigned int    axt_ctrls_values; /* values for new bits in enabled_ctrls */
	   unsigned char   per_key_repeat[XkbPerKeyBitArraySize];  /* per key auto repeat */
       } XkbControlsRec, *XkbControlsPtr;

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 		  XkbGetAccessXTimeout(3)
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