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XmTextDisableRedisplay(library call)			     XmTextDisableRedisplay(library call)

       XmTextDisableRedisplay  --  A Text function that temporarily prevents visual update of the
       Text widget

       #include <Xm/Text.h>
       void XmTextDisableRedisplay(
       Widget widget);

       XmTextDisableRedisplay prevents redisplay of the specified Text	widget	even  though  its
       visual  attributes  have  been  modified.  The  visual  appearance  of  the widget remains
       unchanged until XmTextEnableRedisplay is called, although the insertion cursor is not dis-
       played.	This allows an application to make multiple changes to the widget without causing
       intermediate visual updates.

       widget	 Specifies the Text widget ID


							     XmTextDisableRedisplay(library call)
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