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3(2005-06-09)									    3(2005-06-09)

       CMPIInstance - CMPIInstance class implementation

   Public Attributes
       int void * hdl
	   Opaque pointer to class instance data.
       CMPIInstanceFT * ft
	   Pointer to the Args Function Table.

   CMPIStatus(* release )(CMPIInstance *inst)
       The Instance object will not be used any further and may be freed by CMPI run time system.
   CMPIInstance *(* clone )(CMPIInstance *inst, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Create an independent copy of this Instance object.
   CMPIData(* getProperty )(CMPIInstance *inst, const char *name, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Gets a named property value.
   CMPIData(* getPropertyAt )(CMPIInstance *inst, unsigned int index, CMPIString **name, CMPISta-
       tus *rc)
       Gets a Property value defined by its index.
   unsigned int(* getPropertyCount )(CMPIInstance *inst, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Gets the number of properties contained in this Instance.
   CMPIStatus(* setProperty )(CMPIInstance *inst, const char *name,  CMPIValue	*value,  CMPIType
       Adds/replaces a named Property.
   CMPIObjectPath *(* getObjectPath )(CMPIInstance *inst, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Generates  an  ObjectPath  out  of  the	namespace,  classname  and  key propeties of this
   CMPIStatus(* setPropertyFilter )(CMPIInstance *inst, char **propertyList, char **keys)
       Directs CMPI to ignore any setProperty operations for this instance for any properties not
       in this list.

       Native CMPIInstance implementation.

       This  is  the native CMPIInstance implementation as used for remote providers. It reflects
       the well-defined interface of a regular CMPIInstance, however, it works independently from
       the management broker.

       It  is  part  of a native broker implementation that simulates CMPI data types rather than
       interacting with the entities in a full-grown CIMOM.

       Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup

SFCBroker Client Library		       sfcc				    3(2005-06-09)
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