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CentOS 7.0 - man page for tacchtype (centos section centos)

thai/wtt.h(3)				     libthai				    thai/wtt.h(3)

       thai/wtt.h -

       WTT I/O implementation.

       enum WTTClass { CTRL = 0, NON = 1, CONS = 2, LV = 3, FV1 = 4, FV2 = 5, FV3 = 6, BV1 = 7,
	   BV2 = 8, BD = 9, TONE = 10, AD1 = 11, AD2 = 12, AD3 = 13, AV1 = 14, AV2 = 15, AV3 = 16
	   Classification of characters in TIS620 according to WTT.
       enum WTTOp { CP = 1, XC = 2, AC = 3, RJ = 4, SR = 5 }
	   Composibility checking tables.

       WTTClass TACchtype (thchar_t c)
	   WTT character class.
       WTTOp TACio_op (thchar_t c1, thchar_t c2)
	   WTT I/O operation.

Detailed Description
       WTT I/O implementation.

       WTT stands for Wing Tuk Tee (in Thai, Runs everywhere). It was defined by TACTIS (Thai API
       Consortium/Thai Industrial Standard) in the NECTEC Thai Software Standard Project
       (1989-1991), and later endorsed by Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) as TIS
       1566-2541 in 1998.

       WTT classifies Thai chracter(TIS-620) into 17 types below.

       CTRL    0    control characters
       NON     1    non composible characters
       CONS    2    consonants
       LV      3    leading vowels
       FV1     4    following vowels 1
       FV2     5    following vowels 2
       FV3     6    following vowels 3
       BV1     7    below vowels 1
       BV2     8    below vowels 2
       BD      9    below diacritics
       TONE    10   tonemarks
       AD1     11   above diacritics 1
       AD2     12   above diacritics 2
       AD3     13   above diacritics 3
       AV1     14   above vowels 1
       AV2     15   above vowels 2
       AV3     16   above vowels 3

       Functions in thctype.h do basic character classifications while wtt.h classifies a
       chracter in detail. Please refer to the reference.

       TACio_op() checks how to compose two given chracters. The possiblities are Composible
       (CP), Non-display (XC), Accept (AC), Reject (RJ) and Strict Reject (SR). The values of CP,
       XC, AC, RJ and SR are difined in wtt.h. And their meanings are:

       o CP : second character is displayed in the same cell as the first, also implies an
       o XC : Do nothing.
       o AC : Display second character in the next cell.
       o RJ : Discard second character.
       o SR : Reject second character only in strict mode.
Enumeration Type Documentation
   enum WTTClass
       Classification of characters in TIS620 according to WTT.
       CTRL   control chars
       NON    non composibles
       CONS   consonants
       LV     leading vowels
       FV1    following vowels 1
       FV2    following vowels 2
       FV3    following vowels 3
       BV1    below vowels 1
       BV2    below vowels 2
       BD     below diacritics
       TONE   tonemarks
       AD1    above diacritics 1
       AD2    above diacritics 2
       AD3    above diacritics 3
       AV1    above vowels 1
       AV2    above vowels 2
       AV3    above vowels 3
   enum WTTOp
       Composibility checking tables.
       CP     COMPOSIBLE - following char is displayed in the same cell as leading char, also
	      implies ACCEPT
       XC     Non-display
       AC     ACCEPT - display the following char in the next cell
       RJ     REJECT - discard that following char, ignore it
       SR     STRICT REJECT - REJECT only if in strict mode
Function Documentation
   WTTClass TACchtype (thchar_tc)
       WTT character class.
	   c : the character
	   WTT character class { CTRL, ..., AV3 }
   WTTOp TACio_op (thchar_tc1, thchar_tc2)
       WTT I/O operation.
	   c1 : previous character
	   c2 : next character
	   WTT I/O operation { CP, XC, AC, RJ, SR }
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Version 0.1.14				 Tue Jun 17 2014			    thai/wtt.h(3)

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