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slapmr.f(3)							      LAPACK							       slapmr.f(3)

slapmr.f -
Functions/Subroutines subroutine slapmr (FORWRD, M, N, X, LDX, K) SLAPMR rearranges rows of a matrix as specified by a permutation vector. Function/Subroutine Documentation subroutine slapmr (logicalFORWRD, integerM, integerN, real, dimension( ldx, * )X, integerLDX, integer, dimension( * )K) SLAPMR rearranges rows of a matrix as specified by a permutation vector. Purpose: SLAPMR rearranges the rows of the M by N matrix X as specified by the permutation K(1),K(2),...,K(M) of the integers 1,...,M. If FORWRD = .TRUE., forward permutation: X(K(I),*) is moved X(I,*) for I = 1,2,...,M. If FORWRD = .FALSE., backward permutation: X(I,*) is moved to X(K(I),*) for I = 1,2,...,M. Parameters: FORWRD FORWRD is LOGICAL = .TRUE., forward permutation = .FALSE., backward permutation M M is INTEGER The number of rows of the matrix X. M >= 0. N N is INTEGER The number of columns of the matrix X. N >= 0. X X is REAL array, dimension (LDX,N) On entry, the M by N matrix X. On exit, X contains the permuted matrix X. LDX LDX is INTEGER The leading dimension of the array X, LDX >= MAX(1,M). K K is INTEGER array, dimension (M) On entry, K contains the permutation vector. K is used as internal workspace, but reset to its original value on output. Author: Univ. of Tennessee Univ. of California Berkeley Univ. of Colorado Denver NAG Ltd. Date: September 2012 Definition at line 105 of file slapmr.f. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for LAPACK from the source code. Version 3.4.2 Tue Sep 25 2012 slapmr.f(3)