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Networking research in the early 1970s by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf let to the formulation of the Transmission Control Program (TCP), and its specification in December 1974 in RFC 699.
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tracker-writeback(1) [centos man page]

tracker-writeback(1)						   User Commands					      tracker-writeback(1)

tracker-writeback - Used to write metadata set in Tracker back to physical files. SYNOPSIS
tracker-writeback [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION
tracker-writeback is not supposed to be run by the user since it is started by its .desktop file when the user logs in. It can also be started manually of course for debugging purposes. You can not run more than one instance of this at the same time. tracker-writeback writes metadata from the Tracker database back into files only. Currently support is limited to XMP metadata (which cov- ers PNG, JPEG, TIFF, MP4 and 3GPP formats), play lists (which covers MPEGURL, SCPLS and IRIVER formats) and taglib supported mime types (which covers MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, FLAC and some Windows media formats). Data is only written back if write-back is enabled in the tracker-miner-fs configuration. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show summary of options. -V, --version Returns the version of this binary. -v, --verbosity={0|1|2|3} Sets the logging level, 0=errors, 1=minimal, 2=detailed, 3=debug. -d, --disable-shutdown Disable shutting down after 30 seconds of inactivity. SEE ALSO
tracker-store(1), tracker-miner-fs(1). tracker-extract(1). GNU
July 2011 tracker-writeback(1)

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tracker-status-icon(1)						   User Commands					    tracker-status-icon(1)

tracker-status-icon - Miner status and control notification area icon SYNOPSIS
tracker-status-icon DESCRIPTION
tracker-status-icon is a tracker-store(1) notification area icon meant to provide a fast way to check the status of Tracker's data miner and to be able to control those miners with simple commands like pause and resume. When clicking on the icon, a list of data miners is presented. In this list there is an image to the left which indicates the paused or non-paused state. There is also a progress bar which indicates how far through the work load the data miner is. Each miner can be paused/resumed by clicking on it in the menu. From the context menu, tracker-status-icon allows the user to configure the preferences of tracker-miner-fs using the tracker-preferences application. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show summary of options. -V, --version Print version. FILES
$HOME/.config/tracker/tracker-status-icon.cfg SEE ALSO
tracker-status-icon.cfg(5), tracker-search-tool(1), tracker-preferences(1), tracker-store(1). GNU
September 2009 tracker-status-icon(1)

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