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curl_multi_wait(3)			  libcurl Manual		       curl_multi_wait(3)

       curl_multi_wait - polls on all easy handles in a multi handle

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       CURLMcode curl_multi_wait(CURLM *multi_handle,
				 struct curl_waitfd extra_fds[],
				 unsigned int extra_nfds,
				 int timeout_ms,
				 int *numfds);

       This function polls on all file descriptors used by the curl easy handles contained in the
       given multi handle set.	It will block until activity is detected on at least one  of  the
       handles or timeout_ms has passed.

       The  calling  application  may pass additional curl_waitfd structures which are similar to
       poll(2)'s pollfd structure to be waited on in the same call.

       On completion, if numfds is supplied, it  will  be  populated  with  the  number  of  file
       descriptors on which interesting events occured.

       If  no  extra file descriptors are provided and libcurl has no file descriptor to offer to
       wait for, this function will return immediately.

       This function is encouraged to be used instead of select(3) when using the multi interface
       to  allow  applications	to  easier  circumvent	the common problem with 1024 maximum file

       struct curl_waitfd {
	 curl_socket_t fd;
	 short events;
	 short revents;

	      Bit flag to curl_waitfd.events indicating the socket should  poll  on  read  events
	      such as new data received.

	      Bit  flag  to curl_waitfd.events indicating the socket should poll on high priority
	      read events such as out of band data.

	      Bit flag to curl_waitfd.events indicating the socket should poll	on  write  events
	      such as the socket being clear to write without blocking.

       CURLMcode type, general libcurl multi interface error code. See libcurl-errors(3)

       This function was added in libcurl 7.28.0.

       curl_multi_fdset(3), curl_multi_perform(3)

libcurl 7.28.0				   12 Jul 2012			       curl_multi_wait(3)
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