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GNOME-DISK-IMAGE-MOU(1) 		gnome-disk-utility		  GNOME-DISK-IMAGE-MOU(1)

       gnome-disk-image-mounter - Attach and mount disk images

       gnome-disk-image-mounter [--writable] [URI...]

       gnome-disk-image-mounter can be used to set up disk images. Both regular files and GVfs
       URIs (such as smb://filer/media/file.iso) can be used in the URI parameter. If no URIs are
       given and a window server is running, a graphical file chooser will be presented.

       Note that gnome-disk-image-mounter will not mount filesystems or unlock encrypted volumes
       in the disk image - this responsibility is left to the automounter in GNOME Shell to
       ensure that the same interactions happen as if the disk image was a regular physical
       device or disc.

       By default the disk images are attached read-only, use the option --writable to change

       gnome-disk-image-mounter returns 0 on success and non-zero on failure.

       Written by David Zeuthen <zeuthen@gmail.com> with a lot of help from many others.

       Please send bug reports to either the distribution bug tracker or the upstream bug tracker
       at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=gnome-disk-utility.

       gnome-shell(1), gnome-disks(1), udisks(8), losetup(8)

GNOME					    March 2013			  GNOME-DISK-IMAGE-MOU(1)
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