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grl-inspect(1)									   grl-inspect(1)

       grl-inspect - show information about a Grilo source or plugin

       grl-inspect [options] [source]

       This manual page documents briefly the grl-inspect command.

       grl-inspect  is	a  tool that prints out information on available Grilo sources. When exe-
       cuted with no SOURCE argument, grl-inspect will print the list of all plugins and sources.
       When executed with a SOURCE, grl-inspect will print information about that source.

       -h, --help
	      Show summary of grl-inspect options.

	      Show summary of Grilo options.

	      Show summary of all options.

       -d, --delay seconds
	      Wait  for  some  seconds	before showing results. Useful when plugins may need some
	      time for the source discovery  process  (example:  UPnP).   If  not  specified,  by
	      default it waits 1 second.

       -c, --config config-file
	      Configuration file to use with the plugins.

       This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <agarcia@igalia.com>.

					  June 28, 2011 			   grl-inspect(1)
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