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CamlinternalLazy(3)			  OCaml library 		      CamlinternalLazy(3)

       CamlinternalLazy - Run-time support for lazy values.

       Module	CamlinternalLazy

       Module CamlinternalLazy
	: sig end

       Run-time  support  for lazy values.  All functions in this module are for system use only,
       not for the casual user.

       exception Undefined

       val force_lazy_block : 'a lazy_t -> 'a

       val force_val_lazy_block : 'a lazy_t -> 'a

       val force : 'a lazy_t -> 'a

       val force_val : 'a lazy_t -> 'a

OCamldoc				    2014-06-09			      CamlinternalLazy(3)
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