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PIV-TOOL(1)					     OpenSC Tools					  PIV-TOOL(1)

piv-tool - smart card utility for HSPD-12 PIV cards
piv-tool [OPTIONS] The piv-tool utility can be used from the command line to perform miscellaneous smart card operations on a HSPD-12 PIV smart card as defined in NIST 800-73-3. It is intened for use with test cards only. It can be used to load objects, and generate key pairs, as well as send arbitrary APDU commands to a card after having authenticated to the card using the card key provided by the card vendor.
--serial Print the card serial number derived from the CHUID object, if any. Output is in hex byte format. --name, -n Print the name of the inserted card (driver) --admin argument, -A argument Authenticate to the card using a 2DES or 3DES key. The argument of the form {A|M}:ref:alg is required, were A uses "EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION" and M uses "MUTUAL AUTHENTICATION". ref is normally 9B, and alg is 03 for 3DES. The key is provided by the card vendor, and the environment variable PIV_EXT_AUTH_KEY must point to a text file containing the key in the format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX --genkey argument, -G argument Generate a key pair on the card and output the public key. The argument of th form ref:alg is required, where ref is 9A, 9C, 9D or 9E and alg is 06, 07, 11 or 14 for RSA 1024, RSA 2048, ECC 256 or ECC 384 respectively. --object ContainerID, -O ContainerID Load an object on to the card. The ContainerID is as defined in NIST 800-73-n without leading 0x. Example: CHUID object is 3000 --cert ref, -s ref Load a certificate on to the card. ref is 9A, 9C, 9D or 9E --compresscert ref, -Z ref Load a certificate that has been gziped on to the card. ref is 9A, 9C, 9D or 9E --out file, -o file Output file for any operation that produces output. --in file, -i file Input file for any operation that requires an input file. --key-slots-discovery file Print properties of the key slots. Needs 'admin' authentication. --send-apdu apdu, -s apdu Sends an arbitrary APDU to the card in the format AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF.... This option may be repeated. --reader num, -r num Use the given reader number. The default is 0, the first reader in the system. --card-driver driver, -c driver Use the given card driver. The default is auto-detected. --wait, -w Wait for a card to be inserted --verbose, -v Causes piv-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to enable debug output in the opensc library.
opensc-tool(1) opensc 06/17/2014 PIV-TOOL(1)
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