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CentOS 7.0 - man page for spectool (centos section 1)

SPECTOOL(1)							   User Commands						       SPECTOOL(1)

spectool - manual page for spectool v1.0.10rpmdev1
spectool [<options>] <specfile>
Spectool is a tool to expand and download sources and patches from specfiles. If you experience problems with specific specfiles, try to run rpmbuild --nobuild --nodeps <specfile> on the file which might give a clue why spectool fails on a file (ignore anything about missing sources or patches). The plan is to catch errors like this in spectool itself and warn the user about it in the future.
Operating mode: -l, --lf, --list-files lists the expanded sources/patches (default) -g, --gf, --get-files gets the sources/patches that are listed with a URL -h, --help display this help screen Files on which to operate: -A, --all all files, sources and patches (default) -S, --sources all sources -P, --patches all patches -s, --source x[,y[,...]] specified sources -p, --patch a[,b[,...]] specified patches Miscellaneous: -d, --define 'macro value' defines RPM macro 'macro' to be 'value' -C, --directory dir download into specified directory (default '.') -R, --sourcedir download into rpm's %{_sourcedir} -n, --dryrun, --dry-run don't download anything, just show what would be done -f, --force try to unlink and download if target files exist -D, --debug output debug info, don't clean up when done
/etc/rpmdevtools/curlrc optional curl(1) configuration spectool v1.0.10rpmdev1 June 2014 SPECTOOL(1)