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PMAFM(1)										 PMAFM(1)

       pmafm - Performance Co-Pilot archive folio manager

       pmafm folioname [command [arg ...]]

       A collection of one or more Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) archive logs may be combined with a
       control file to produce a PCP archive folio.  Archive  folios  are  created  using  either
       mkaf(1) or the interactive ``record mode'' services of PCP clients like pmchart(1).

       pmafm provides a number of services that may be used to process folios.	In particular, it
       provides support for execution of PCP tools using one or more  of  the  component  archive
       logs within an archive folio.

       The  target  folio  is  identified  by the folio control file folioname.  The syntax for a
       folio control file is described in mkaf(1).

       If present, the command and arguments following folioname are interpreted and executed  as
       a single command, otherwise commands are read from standard input.

       The following commands are supported.

	      Subsequent commands apply to all archives in the folio.

       archives N[,...]
	      Archives within a folio are numbered 1, 2, etc.  Subsequent commands are restricted
	      to apply only to the designated archives.

       archives name[,...]
	      Archives within a folio have unique names.  Subsequent commands are  restricted  to
	      apply only to the designated archives.

       check  Validate	the  presence  and format of each file in the folio and the component ar-

	      A brief reminder of the command syntax.  ?  is a synonym for help.

	      Subsequent commands apply to all archives in the folio.

       hosts hostname[,...]
	      Subsequent commands are restricted to apply only to those archives that  match  the
	      designated hostnames.

       list [verbose]
	      Display  the  contents of the folio.  By default the control header and the ordinal
	      number, hostname and archive base name for each archive in the folio.  The  verbose
	      option causes pmafm to dump the label record from each archive using pmdumplog -l.

	      The  first  named archive in the folio is assumed to be associated with the default
	      host for any tool that tries to replay multiple archives from the folio.

	      Exit pmafm.

	      Echo on standard output the sh(1) commands required to remove all of  the  physical
	      files associated with this archive folio.

       repeat tool [arg ...]
	      Execute the known PCP tool once per selected archive.  For example, the command
		   repeat pmval -t60 kernel.all.load
	      would run pmval(1) once per archive, with an appropriate -a argument.

	      Some  archive folios are created by tools (e.g. pmchart(1)) that provide sufficient
	      information to allow all of the information in all of the archives of a folio to be

       [run] tool [arg ...]
	      Execute  the  known  PCP tool on the selected archives.  Some PCP tools are able to
	      process multiple concurrent archives, and in this case the tool is  run  once  with
	      the  list  of all selected archives passed via a -a argument.  Otherwise, this com-
	      mand is synonymous with repeat.

	      Display those archives that would be selected for processing with a repeat,  replay
	      or run command.

       The  restrictions  via any hosts and archives commands are conjuncted.  These restrictions
       serve to limit the specific archives processed in the subsequent repeat, replay,  run  and
       selections commands.  By default, all archives are selected.

       Keywords  in  commands may be abbreviated provided no ambiguity is introduced, e.g.  help,
       hel and he are synonymous, but h is ambiguous.

		 control files that define the behavior of each PCP tool known	to  pmafm.   This
		 information  may  be  customized or extended, see $PCP_SYSCONF_DIR/pmafm/pcp for
		 documentation of the syntax and semantics of these files.
		 User customization of the control  files.   All  files  in  this  directory  are
		 treated in the same manner as control files in the $PCP_SYSCONF_DIR/pmafm direc-

       Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to parameterize the file and directory
       names used by PCP.  On each installation, the file /etc/pcp.conf contains the local values
       for these variables.  The $PCP_CONF variable may be used to specify an alternative config-
       uration file, as described in pcp.conf(5).

       mkaf(1), pmchart(1), pmview(1), PMAPI(3), pmRecordSetup(3), pcp.conf(5) and pcp.env(5).

       Many, but all are intended to be easily understood.

Performance Co-Pilot			       PCP					 PMAFM(1)
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