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       __gnu_parallel::__binder2nd< _Operation, _FirstArgumentType, _SecondArgumentType,
       _ResultType > -

       Inherits std::unary_function< _FirstArgumentType, _ResultType >.

   Public Types
       typedef _FirstArgumentType argument_type
       typedef _ResultType result_type

   Public Member Functions
       __binder2nd (const _Operation &__x, const _SecondArgumentType &__y)
       _ResultType operator() (const _FirstArgumentType &__x) const
       _ResultType operator() (_FirstArgumentType &__x)

   Protected Attributes
       _Operation _M_op
       _SecondArgumentType _M_value

Detailed Description
   template<typename _Operation, typename _FirstArgumentType, typename _SecondArgumentType,
       typename _ResultType>class __gnu_parallel::__binder2nd< _Operation, _FirstArgumentType,
       _SecondArgumentType, _ResultType >
       Similar to std::binder2nd, but giving the argument types explicitly.

       Definition at line 220 of file parallel/base.h.

Member Typedef Documentation
   typedef _FirstArgumentType  std::unary_function< _FirstArgumentType , _ResultType
       >::argument_type [inherited]
       argument_type is the type of the argument

       Definition at line 104 of file stl_function.h.

   typedef _ResultType	std::unary_function< _FirstArgumentType , _ResultType  >::result_type
       result_type is the return type

       Definition at line 107 of file stl_function.h.

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__gnu_parallel::__binder2nd< _Operation, _FirstArgumentType, _SecondArgumentType, _ResultType >(3)
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