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lcp_crtpolelt(8) [centos man page]

LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)						   User Manuals 						  LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)

lcp_crtpolelt - create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type. SYNOPSIS
lcp_crtpolelt is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type. OPTIONS
--create create an policy element --type type type of element; must be first option; see below for type strings and their options --out file output file name [--ctrl pol-elt-ctr1] PolEltControl field (hex or decimal) --show file show policy element --verbose enable verbose output; can be specified with any command --help print out the help message Available type options: mle [--minver ver] minimum version of SINIT mle [file1][file2]... one or more files containing MLE hash(es); each file can contain multiple hashes pconf [file1][file2]... one or more files containing PCR numbers and the desired digest of each; each file will be a PCONF custom [--uuid UUID] UUID in format: {0xaabbccdd, 0xeeff, 0xgghh, 0xiijj, {0xkk 0xll, 0xmm, 0xnn, 0xoo, 0xpp}} or "--uuid tboot" to use default custom [file] file containing element data EXAMPLES
Create an MLE element: 1 lcp_mlehash -c "logging=serial,vga,memory" /boot/tboot.gz > mle-hash 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type mle --ctrl 0x00 --minver 17 --out mle.elt mle-hash Create a PCONF element: 1 cat /sys/devices/platform/tpm_tis/pcrs | grep -e PCR-00 -e PCR-01 > pcrs 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type pconf --out pconf.elt pcrs Create an SBIOS element: 1 Create hash file containing BIOS hash(es), e.g. named sbios-hash 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type sbios --out sbios.elt sbios-hash Create a CUSTOM element: 1 Create or determine the UUID that will identify this data format (e.g. using uuidgen(1)). 2 Create the data file that will be placed in this element (e.g. the policy file from tb_polgen(8)). 3 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type custom --out custom.elt --uuid uuid-value data-file SEE ALSO
lcp_crtpol2(8), lcp_mlehash(8), lcp_crtpollist(8), uuidgen(1), tb_polgen(8). tboot 2011-12-31 LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)

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Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile(3pm)

Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile - Read and write config as plain file VERSION
version 2.021 SYNOPSIS
use Config::Model; use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy); Log::Log4perl->easy_init($WARN); my $model = Config::Model->new; my $inst = $model->create_config_class( name => "WithPlainFile", element => [ [qw/source new/] => { qw/type leaf value_type uniline/ }, ], read_config => [ { backend => 'plain_file', config_dir => '/tmp', }, ], ); my $inst = $model->instance(root_class_name => 'WithPlainFile' ); my $root = $inst->config_root ; $root->load('source=foo new=yes' ); $inst->write_back ; Now "/tmp" directory will contain 2 files: "source" and "new" with "foo" and "yes" inside. DESCRIPTION
This module is used directly by Config::Model to read or write the content of a configuration tree written in several files. Each element of the node is written in a plain file. This module supports currently only leaf and list elements. In the case of "list" element, each line of the file is a value of the list. Methods read_leaf (obj,elt,check,file,args); Called by read method to read the file of a leaf element. "args" contains the arguments passed to read method. read_hash (obj,elt,check,file,args); Like read_leaf for hash elements. read_list (obj,elt,check,file,args); Like read_leaf for list elements. write ( ) "write()" will write a file for each element of the calling class. Works only for leaf and list elements. Other element type are skipped. Always return 1 (unless it died before). AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont, (ddumont at cpan dot org) SEE ALSO
Config::Model, Config::Model::AutoRead, Config::Model::Backend::Any, perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile(3pm)

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