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HESIOD(3)										HESIOD(3)

       hesiod_getmailhost,  hesiod_free_postoffice  -  Hesiod  functions  for  retrieving user to
       postoffice mappings

       #include <hesiod.h>

       struct hesiod_postoffice *hesiod_getmailhost(void *context,
	    const char *user)
       void hesiod_free_postoffice(void *context,
	    struct hesiod_postoffice *po)

       cc file.c -lhesiod

       This family of functions allows you to retrieve user to postoffice mappings using  Hesiod.
       To  perform  lookups,  you  need an initialized Hesiod context; see hesiod(3) for details.
       Information is returned in a hesiod_postoffice structure, which has the following fields:

	      The type of postoffice box, typically ``POP''.

	      The hostname where the postoffice box resides.

	      The account name on the given postoffice server.

       It is the caller's responsibility to call hesiod_free_postoffice with the returned postof-
       fice entry to free the resources used by the postoffice entry.

       Hesiod  queries for postoffice information are made using the ``pobox'' Hesiod type, using
       the username as the Hesiod name.  The  corresponding  entries  should  be  space-separated
       lists of strings giving the type of postoffice box, the hostname, and the account name.

       On  failure, hesiod_getservbyname returns NULL and sets the global variable errno to indi-
       cate the error.

       hesiod_getmailhost may fail for any of the reasons the routine hesiod_resolve may fail.


					 30 November 1996				HESIOD(3)
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