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CentOS 7.0 - man page for ocamldebug (centos section 1)

OCAMLDEBUG(1)				       General Commands Manual					OCAMLDEBUG(1)

ocamldebug - the OCaml source-level replay debugger.
ocamldebug [ options ] program [ arguments ]
ocamldebug is the OCaml source-level replay debugger. Before the debugger can be used, the program must be compiled and linked with the -g option: all .cmo and .cma files that are part of the program should have been created with ocamlc -g, and they must be linked together with ocamlc -g. Compiling with -g entails no penalty on the running time of programs: object files and bytecode executable files are bigger and take longer to produce, but the executable files run at exactly the same speed as if they had been compiled without -g.
A summary of options are included below. For a complete description, see the html documentation in the ocaml- doc package. -c count Set the maximum number of simultaneously live checkpoints to count. -cd dir Run the debugger program from the working directory dir, instead of the current working directory. (See also the cd command.) -emacs Tell the debugger it is executed under Emacs. (See The OCaml user's manual for information on how to run the debugger under Emacs.) -I directory Add directory to the list of directories searched for source files and compiled files. (See also the directory command.) -s socket Use socket for communicating with the debugged program. See the description of the command set socket in The OCaml user's manual for the format of socket. -version Print version string and exit. -vnum Print short version number and exit. -help or --help Display a short usage summary and exit.
ocamlc(1) The OCaml user's manual, chapter "The debugger".
This manual page was written by Sven LUTHER <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). OCAMLDEBUG(1)
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