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tracker-info(1) [centos man page]

tracker-info(1) 						   User Commands						   tracker-info(1)

tracker-info - Retrieve all information available for a certain file. SYNOPSIS
tracker-info [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION
tracker-info asks for all the known metadata available for the given FILE. Multiple FILE arguments can be provided to retrieve information about multiple files. The FILE argument can be either a local path or a URI. It also does not have to be an absolute path. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show summary of options. -V, --version Print version. -f, --full-namespaces By default, all keys and values reported about any given FILE are returned in shortened form, for example, nie:title is shown instead of This makes things much easier to see generally and the output is less cluttered. This option reverses that so FULL namespaces are shown instead. -c, --plain-text-content If the resource being displayed has nie:PlainTextContent (i.e. information about the content of the resource, which could be the contents of a file on the disk), then this option displays that in the output. -t, --turtle Output results as Turtle RDF. If -f is enabled, full URIs are shown for subjects, predicates and objects; otherwise, shortened URIs are used, and all the prefixes Tracker knows about are printed at the top of the output. SEE ALSO
tracker-store(1), tracker-sparql(1). GNU
Oct 2008 tracker-info(1)

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tracker-miner-fs(1)						   User Commands					       tracker-miner-fs(1)

tracker-miner-fs - Used to crawl the file system to mine data. SYNOPSIS
tracker-miner-fs [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION
tracker-miner-fs is not supposed to be run by the user since it is started by its .desktop file when the user logs in. It can also be started manually of course for debugging purposes. You can not run more than one instance of this at the same time. tracker-miner-fs mines information about applications and files only. OPTIONS
-?, --help Show summary of options. -V, --version Returns the version of this binary. -v, --verbosity={0|1|2|3} Sets the logging level, 0=errors, 1=minimal, 2=detailed, 3=debug. -s, --initial-sleep=SECONDS Sets the initial sleep time before crawling the file system is started. -e, --eligible=FILE Checks if FILE is eligible for being mined based on the current configuration rules. In addition to this, it will check if FILE would be monitored for changes. This works with non-existing FILE arguments as well as existing FILE arguments. -a, --add-file=FILE Forces the addition of FILE into the database, regardless of configuration settings. This option is mostly meant for testing pur- poses. FILES
$HOME/.config/tracker/tracker-miner-fs.cfg SEE ALSO
tracker-store(1), tracker-info(1). tracker-miner-fs.cfg(5). GNU
September 2009 tracker-miner-fs(1)
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