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CentOS 7.0 - man page for tracker-info (centos section 1)

tracker-info(1) 						   User Commands						   tracker-info(1)

tracker-info - Retrieve all information available for a certain file.
tracker-info [OPTION...] FILE...
tracker-info asks for all the known metadata available for the given FILE. Multiple FILE arguments can be provided to retrieve information about multiple files. The FILE argument can be either a local path or a URI. It also does not have to be an absolute path.
-?, --help Show summary of options. -V, --version Print version. -f, --full-namespaces By default, all keys and values reported about any given FILE are returned in shortened form, for example, nie:title is shown instead of This makes things much easier to see generally and the output is less cluttered. This option reverses that so FULL namespaces are shown instead. -c, --plain-text-content If the resource being displayed has nie:PlainTextContent (i.e. information about the content of the resource, which could be the contents of a file on the disk), then this option displays that in the output. -t, --turtle Output results as Turtle RDF. If -f is enabled, full URIs are shown for subjects, predicates and objects; otherwise, shortened URIs are used, and all the prefixes Tracker knows about are printed at the top of the output.
tracker-store(1), tracker-sparql(1).
Oct 2008 tracker-info(1)