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FUNCTION::REGISTER(3stap)		Context Functions		FUNCTION::REGISTER(3stap)

       function::register - Return the signed value of the named CPU register


	   Name of the register to return

       Return the value of the named CPU register, as it was saved when the current probe point
       was hit. If the register is 32 bits, it is sign-extended to 64 bits.

       For the i386 architecture, the following names are recognized. (name1/name2 indicates that
       name1 and name2 are alternative names for the same register.) eax/ax, ebp/bp, ebx/bx,
       ecx/cx, edi/di, edx/dx, eflags/flags, eip/ip, esi/si, esp/sp, orig_eax/orig_ax, xcs/cs,
       xds/ds, xes/es, xfs/fs, xss/ss.

       For the x86_64 architecture, the following names are recognized: 64-bit registers: r8, r9,
       r10, r11, r12, r13, r14, r15, rax/ax, rbp/bp, rbx/bx, rcx/cx, rdi/di, rdx/dx, rip/ip,
       rsi/si, rsp/sp; 32-bit registers: eax, ebp, ebx, ecx, edx, edi, edx, eip, esi, esp,
       flags/eflags, orig_eax; segment registers: xcs/cs, xss/ss.

       For powerpc, the following names are recognized: r0, r1, ... r31, nip, msr, orig_gpr3,
       ctr, link, xer, ccr, softe, trap, dar, dsisr, result.

       For s390x, the following names are recognized: r0, r1, ... r15, args, psw.mask, psw.addr,
       orig_gpr2, ilc, trap.

SystemTap Tapset Reference		    June 2014			FUNCTION::REGISTER(3stap)
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