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       systempapername,  defaultpapername,  systempapersizefile,  defaultpapersizefile	-  return
       names for managing system paper information

       #include <paper.h>

       const char* systempapername(void)
       const char* defaultpapername(void)

       const char* systempapersizefile(void)
       const char* defaultpapersizefile(void)

       systempapername() returns the name of the default paper to be used  by  a  program.   This
       name  is  obtained  by looking in that order at the PAPERCONF environment variable, at the
       contents of the file returned by systempapersizefile() or by using defaultpapername() as a
       last chance.

       defaultpapername() returns the name of the default paper to use if it is impossible to get
       its name from the environment.

       systempapersizefile() returns the path of  the  papersize  file	to  use.   This  path  is
       obtained  by looking at the PAPERCONF environment variable or by calling defaultpapersize-

       defaultpapersizefile returns the path of the default papersize file.

       PAPERSIZE	   Paper size to use regardless of what the papersize file contains.

       PAPERCONF	   Full path to a file containing the paper size to use.

       /etc/papersize	   Contains the name of the system-wide default paper size to be used.


					17 September 2001		       SYSTEMPAPERNAME(3)
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