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CHECKISOMD5(1)									   CHECKISOMD5(1)

       checkisomd5 -- check an MD5 checksum implanted by implantisomd5

       checkisomd5 [--md5sumonly]  [--verbose]	[--gauge]  [isofilename  | blockdevice ]

       This manual page documents briefly the checkisomd5 command.  checkisomd5 is a program that
       checks an embedded MD5 checksum in a ISO9660 image (.iso), or block device.  The  checksum
       is embedded by the corresponding implantisomd5 command.

       The check can be aborted by pressing Esc key.

       Program	returns  exit status 0 if the checksum is correct, 1 if the checksum is incorrect
       or non-existent, or 2 if the check was aborted.

		 Do not check the target.  Instead, output human-readable information  about  the
		 target's checksums.

       --verbose Display  human-readable progress as the target is checked.  Without this option,
		 nothing is outputted except errors.

       --gauge	 Display a series of numbers from 0 to	100,  corresponding  to  check	progress.
		 This output can be piped to dialog --gauge for a user-friendly progress bar.

       implantisomd5 (1).

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