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ENCODE(1)						      General Commands Manual							 ENCODE(1)

dubdv - insert audio into a digital video stream
dubdv [ options ] audio_inputfR [ filename or - for stdin ]
dubdv reads the audio from a WAV file or the OSS DSP device and overwrites the existing audio in a raw DV file or stream. --version show dubdv version number. -v, --verbose show encoder statistics / status information. -a, --audio-input=filter-name Choose audio-input-filter: [none, >wav<, dsp] WAV is the default audio_input format. -o, --output=filter-name Choose output-filter: [>raw<] -t, --truncate truncate output at end of DV input. -r, --repeat=count repeat the first video frame count times. This option does not dub audio into the repeated frame. Help Options -?, --help Show help message. --usage Display brief usage message.
See for the latest version.
dubdv was written by James Bowman <> and Peter Schlaile <>. This manual page is based on dubdv's help message and was written by Dan Dennedy <>. January 2004 ENCODE(1)
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