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Proxy Server Not Detected

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United States

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41.141201, -73.263702 (map)

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CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

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DNS Lookup For

Your IP address is an exclusive number that Internet devices use to identify and communicate with each other across computer networks. This process is sometimes compared to how we receive regular postal mail to our home addresses. An IP address is similar to your mailing address.

A proxy server is a software application between your IP address and your browsing destination on the Internet. A proxy server is often used to help provide you a a degree of privacy when surfing the Internet because a proxy server can mask your private IP address.

My IP proxy server detection and information is based on HTTP header information. This HTTP header information for proxy server detection may or may not be set accurately by the proxy.

My IP Geographic information (GeoIP) by IP address is based on the MaxMind GeoIP database. This GeoIP information and therefore What is My IP Address may or may not be accurate.

What is My IP Address is a free service provided by unix.com to assist people to determine their external IP address, internal IP address and to detect if their Internet connection uses a proxy server.

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