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AGENTXTRAP(1)				     Net-SNMP				    AGENTXTRAP(1)

       agentxtrap - send an AgentX NotifyPDU to an AgentX master agent

       agentxtrap [OPTIONS] trap-oid [OID TYPE VALUE...]

       agentxtrap  issues  an  AgentX NotifyPDU to a master agent. One or more object identifiers
       (OIDs) can be given as arguments on the command line.  A type and a value  must	accompany
       each  object  identifier.   Each  variable  name is given in the format specified in vari-

       -c contextName
	     if the -c option is present then the notification is sent	in  the  nondefault  name
       -U uptime
	     if  the -U option is present then that value, parsed as centiseconds, is taken to be
	     the sysUpTime field of the application.
       -x ADDRESS
	     if the -x option is present then contact the AgentX master at ADDRESS  and  not  the
	     default one.

       Additionally  all  the options described in snmpcmd(1) under the MIB PARSING OPTIONS, LOG-
       GING OPTIONS and INPUT OPTIONS headers as well as the -d, -D, -m and -M options	are  sup-

       In OID TYPE VALUE the parsing of the VALUE field is controlled by the TYPE field. The pos-
       sible values for the TYPE field is one of the following characters:
	      =  Let OID decide how VALUE should be interpreted
	      i  INTEGER
	      u  Unsigned
	      c  Counter32
	      s  OCTET STRING of chaacters
	      x  OCTET STRING, entered as a sequence of optionally  space  separated  hexadecimal
		 digit pairs
	      d  OCTET	STRING,  entered  as  a sequence of space separated decimal digits in the
		 range 0 - 255
	      n  NULL
	      t  TimeTicks
	      a  IpAddress
	      b  BITS
       which are handled in the same way as the snmpset command.

       To send a generic linkUp trap to the manager for interface 1 the following command can  be

       agentxtrap netSnmp.0.3 ifindex.1 i 1

       snmpcmd(1), snmpset(1), variables(5), RFC 2741

V5.7.2					   20 Dec 2009				    AGENTXTRAP(1)
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