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CentOS 7.0 - man page for pkcs11_eventmgr (centos section 1)

pkcs11_eventmgr(1)						 PAM-pkcs11 tools						pkcs11_eventmgr(1)

pkcs11_eventmgr - SmartCard PKCS#11 Event Manager
pkcs11_eventmgr [[no]debug] [[no]daemon] [polling_time=<secs> ] [expire_time=<secs>] [pkcs11_module=<module> ] [config_file=<filename>]
card_eventmgr is a SmartCard Monitoring that listen to the status of the card reader and dispatch actions on several events. card_eventmgr can be used to several actions, like lock screen on card removal Three events are supported: card insert, card removal and timeout on removed card. Actions to take are specified in the configuration file
[no]debug Enable debugging output. Default is no debug [no]daemon Runs in background. If debug is unset, dettach also from tty. Default: no daemon polling_time=<secs> Set polling timeout in secs. Defaults to 1 sec expire_time=<secs> Set timeout on card removed. Defaults to 0 (never) config_file=<configuration file> Sets de configuration file. Defaults to /etc/pam_pkcs11/card_eventmgr.conf pkcs11_module=< library> Sets the pkcs#11 library module to use. Defaults to /usr/lib/pkcs11/
/etc/pam_pkcs11/card_eventmgr.conf /usr/lib/pkcs11/
To run this program the standard way type: pkcs11_eventmgr Alternativly you can specify options: pkcs11_eventmgr nodebug nodaemon polling_time=5 config_file=${HOME}/.pkcs11_eventmgr.conf
Some PKCS#11 Libraries fails on card removal and re-insert. to avoid this, pkcs11_eventmgr try to re-initialize stuff by calling C_Final- ize() and C_Initialize() on card removal Some apps like [xscreensaver-command] may fail due to external events ( eg: try to unlock an unlocked session ). In this case, command incorrectly returns error code. User shoult take care on this circumstance
Juan Antonio Martinez <>
pam_pkcs11(8), card_eventmgr(5) README.eventmgr PAM-PKCS11 User Manual Juan Antonio Martinez 0.4.4 pkcs11_eventmgr(1)