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CentOS 7.0 - man page for __gnu_pbds::point_invalidation_guarantee (centos section 3)

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__gnu_pbds::point_invalidation_guarantee(3)	      __gnu_pbds::point_invalidation_guarantee(3)

       __gnu_pbds::point_invalidation_guarantee -

       Inherits __gnu_pbds::basic_invalidation_guarantee.

       Inherited by __gnu_pbds::range_invalidation_guarantee.

Detailed Description
       Signifies an invalidation guarantee that includes all those of its base, and additionally,
       that any point-type iterator, pointer, or reference to a container object's mapped value
       type is valid as long as its corresponding entry has not be erased, regardless of
       modifications to the container object.

       Definition at line 103 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

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libstdc++				 Tue Jun 10 20__gnu_pbds::point_invalidation_guarantee(3)
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