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CentOS 7.0 - man page for pango-view (centos section 1)

PANGO-VIEW(1)							   User Commands						     PANGO-VIEW(1)

pango-view - Pango text viewer
Usage: pango-view [OPTION...] - FILE Help Options: -h, --help Show help options --help-all Show all help options --help-cairo Options understood by the cairo backend Cairo backend options: --annotate=1 or 2 Annotate the output Application Options: --no-auto-dir No layout direction according to contents --backend=cairo/xft/ft2 Pango backend to use for rendering (default: cairo) --background=red/#rrggbb/#rrggbbaa/transparent Set the background color -q, --no-display Do not display (just write to file or whatever) --dpi=number Set the resolution --align=left/center/right Text alignment --ellipsize=start/middle/end Ellipsization mode --font=description Set the font description --foreground=red/#rrggbb/#rrggbbaa Set the text color --gravity=south/east/north/west/auto Base gravity: glyph rotation --gravity-hint=natural/strong/line Gravity hint --header Display the options in the output --height=+points/-numlines Height in points (positive) or number of lines (negative) for ellipsizing --hinting=none/auto/full Hinting style --indent=points Width in points to indent paragraphs --justify Align paragraph lines to be justified --language=en_US/etc Language to use for font selection --margin=CSS-style numbers in pixels Set the margin on the output in pixels --markup Interpret text as Pango markup -o, --output=file Save rendered image to output file --pangorc=file pangorc file to use (default is ./pangorc) --pixels Use pixel units instead of points (sets dpi to 72) --rtl Set base direction to right-to-left --rotate=degrees Angle at which to rotate results -n, --runs=integer Run Pango layout engine this many times --single-par Enable single-paragraph mode -t, --text=string Text to display (instead of a file) --version Show version numbers --waterfall Create a waterfall display -w, --width=points Width in points to which to wrap lines or ellipsize --wrap=word/char/word-char Text wrapping mode (needs a width to be set) Pango module interface version: 1.8.0 pango-view (pango) 1.34.1 May 2013 PANGO-VIEW(1)