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PANGO-VIEW(1)				  User Commands 			    PANGO-VIEW(1)

       pango-view - Pango text viewer

	      pango-view [OPTION...] - FILE

   Help Options:
       -h, --help
	      Show help options

	      Show all help options

	      Options understood by the cairo backend

   Cairo backend options:
       --annotate=1 or 2
	      Annotate the output

   Application Options:
	      No layout direction according to contents

	      Pango backend to use for rendering (default: cairo)

	      Set the background color

       -q, --no-display
	      Do not display (just write to file or whatever)

	      Set the resolution

	      Text alignment

	      Ellipsization mode

	      Set the font description

	      Set the text color

	      Base gravity: glyph rotation

	      Gravity hint

	      Display the options in the output

	      Height in points (positive) or number of lines (negative) for ellipsizing

	      Hinting style

	      Width in points to indent paragraphs

	      Align paragraph lines to be justified

	      Language to use for font selection

       --margin=CSS-style numbers in pixels
	      Set the margin on the output in pixels

	      Interpret text as Pango markup

       -o, --output=file
	      Save rendered image to output file

	      pangorc file to use (default is ./pangorc)

	      Use pixel units instead of points (sets dpi to 72)

       --rtl  Set base direction to right-to-left

	      Angle at which to rotate results

       -n, --runs=integer
	      Run Pango layout engine this many times

	      Enable single-paragraph mode

       -t, --text=string
	      Text to display (instead of a file)

	      Show version numbers

	      Create a waterfall display

       -w, --width=points
	      Width in points to which to wrap lines or ellipsize

	      Text wrapping mode (needs a width to be set)

       Pango module interface version: 1.8.0

pango-view (pango) 1.34.1		     May 2013				    PANGO-VIEW(1)

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