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vboxcnvt(1)			   Linux System Administration			      vboxcnvt(1)

       vboxcnvt - isdn voice box (converter backend)

       This  is  the  real  converter, the backend. Don't call it directly; call it by one of its
       other names: autovbox, rmdtovbox, vboxtoau or vboxmode.

       autovbox(1), rmdtovbox(1), vboxtoau(1), vboxmode(1), vbox(5)

       This manual page was written  by  Andreas  Jellinghaus  <aj@dungeon.inka.de>,  for  Debian
       GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.

ISDN 4 Linux 3.13			    2000/09/15				      vboxcnvt(1)
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