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CAPNG_UPDATE(3) 			  Libcap-ng API 			  CAPNG_UPDATE(3)

       capng_update - update the stored capabilities settings

       #include <cap-ng.h>

       int capng_update(capng_act_t action, capng_type_t type,unsigned int capability);

       capng_update  will  update  the	internal posix capabilities settings based on the options
       passed to it. The action should be eith CAPNG_DROP to set the  capability  bit  to  0,  or
       CAPNG_ADD to set the capability bit to 1. The operation is performed on the capability set
       specified in  the  type	parameter.  The  values  are:  CAPNG_EFFECTIVE,  CAPNG_PERMITTED,
       CAPNG_INHERITABLE,  CAPNG_BOUNDING_SET.	The  values  may be or'ed together to perform the
       same operation on multiple sets. The last paramter, capability, is the  capability  define
       as given in linux/capability.h.

       This returns 0 on success and -1 on failure.

       capng_updatev(3), capabilities(7)

       Steve Grubb

Red Hat 				    June 2009				  CAPNG_UPDATE(3)
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